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We wanted to buy a large order of Nespresso coffee but they could not process our new credit card so we cancelled our $329 order because the deal they were offering had expired. Nespresso promised us they would not charge our credit card. They did. When I saw the charge on my credit card bill I called them many times trying to get my money back. Their customer service has been terrible and I have yet to hear back from them. My credit card company have tried to reach them but they refuse to respond to them. I am going to the police today to file a thief report. We used to buy over $800 worth of coffee from them a year but will never deal with them again. As it turns out, we found a coffee at Costco that works in the Nespresso machine. It is 60% less in price and very good.

Feb 06, 2015
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      Apr 09, 2016

    Credit cards companies do not call a merchandise on your behalf to request a refund. It is the CC holder part to do so. In case of no respond from the company simply dispite the charges by requesting a charge back. Sorry but you're story does not stand a realistic issue and gives the credit card company a false representation

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