Natra PureFraud


It seems the Natra Pure and Colon Cleanse have moved up a step. My husbands CC information was stolen, and the bank called after two consecutive charges to the same company of equal amounts. We worked with the bank finding several small charges, canceled the cards, called the credit bureau, thought we were clear. <br />
Today I get a curious package, and it contains this bottle of pills with a scrap of paper telling me if I don't cancel w/in 14 days, they will automatically ship and bill close to $100/mo. I called the number, told them the number was stolen, that we don't want the product and to do whatever they have to do to clear it up. The guy on the phone had the cheek to try to tell me what a great product it was and did I want to know more. <br />
No, I said, my colon is fine, thank you, I never wanted this product, and that the shipping and handling charge is incurred by a subcontracted company is not my problem. <br />
<br />
Had it not been for the bank calling, the tiny charges might well have gone unnoticed until the much larger charges showed up. If I wanted to perpetuate internet fraud, this scam would be ingenious. Steal peoples information, sell it to a company to sign people up, giving them a "chance to cancel" and then hit them for close to $100, banking that the time to clear the mess up will be longer than the time it takes you to withdraw the cash and be gone. I shudder to think what the 4-5 other "small" charges have bought for us.

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