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National Tree Company / Don't buy their christmas tree

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We bought a pre-lit National Christmas Tree from a local business, "Tis the Season", in Nov. 2006. The first year the tree worked great, it was a good looking tree. Last year we put the tree up and plugged it in only to discover that over 1/2 of the lights didn't work. We called the local business and arranged to take it in for them to work on it. The claimed to repair it, and we put it up again. Still didn't work. We took it in 2 more times and the tree still didn't work. Finally we demanded the local business come to our house to fix the tree. The spent about 2 hours working on it, and got most of the lights working.

The next morning, over 1/2 of the lights wouldn't come on when we plugged it in. We called the local business and they said they would re-string the tree if we would bring it in Jan. 2008.

We took the tree in, and they went out of business with our tree! After 5 months, we finally got out tree back. They claimed they had re-strung the tree. We started putting up the tree and discovered that out of over 20 light strings, only one worked. I started trying to get it to work and found out that after 1 hour I had replaced over 20 burned out lights on one string!

This tree had been used less than 2 months, and most of the lights were already burned out.

I called National Tree and described my experience to them. They stated they would send out free lights so we could decorate for Christmas, then they would pick up the tree after Christmas and fix it.

One week later, no lights. I called them again and was advised that the tree was out of warranty, and the local dealer had voided the warranty by working on it. They weren't sending any lights out, but would be glad to sell me some lights.

I explained that the tree had failed while it was in warranty, and the local dealer had instructed me on what to do.

Bottom line, they don't tell you what warranty coverage is...they don't keep their promises.

It was apparent they are much more interested in dodging their warranty and breaking promises...they like to sell them, but this tree is a joke!

The lights have been on for less than two months, and most of them are already burned out! National Tree doesn't tell you what their warranty is...the only way you can find out is to go to their web site. By the time you research their warranty, it's too late.

I'm out over $500 and my new Christmas tree only lasted one season.

Don't buy your Christmas Tree from Nation Tree Company!

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  • Da
      13th of Mar, 2011
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    The Tree Company - Due job
    United States

    Didn't Finished their job.
    I contract this company to do my yard

  • Jj
      29th of Dec, 2015
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    National Tree Company has got to have the worst customer service I have ever witnessed.

    I bought a pre-lit tree a few years ago from my local Costco. The first year it worked great, no problems. The second year it was working fine when I set it up, but about a week in several strands of lights completely stopped working. I tried to figure out (by checking the box) what company had made the tree so that I could contact them about the issue but there was absolutely no information at all...not on the box, and no papers inside the box. I contacted Costco who informed me that the tree was made by National Tree Company. I contacted National Tree Company's customer service and told them about the issue. Right away they did not want to help me resolve the issue because I had not registered my tree on their could I do this when there was no information that came with tree regarding the manufacturer??? The agent was less than helpful and I ended up having to call back several times to find some one who would help me. In the end, they agreed to send me replacement strands but made me pay for them...they finally arrived at the end of January when obviously my tree had been taken down. I opened the box and seen they appeared to be the correct lights.

    This year I was eager to set up my tree and attach my new light strands but as I started to pull them out of the box I noticed one major problem...each strand only had one male was I going to connect them together?? I immediately contacted National Tree Company and again received horrible service because my tree was not registered! They had no record of me calling the previous year and when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was cut off...twice! I was finally able to speak with an agent who was some what helpful, but instead of allowing me to return the lights (which were obviously useless) and get the correct lights, she told me what I needed was a splitter. Fine. They charged me for it and said it would take 8-10 days to arrive. That was December 3, it is now December 29th and the splitter is still not here. I have sent them several e-mails with no response.

    Luckily, I was able to return the tree to where I purchased it but I've definitely learned my lesson!


  • Ti
      12th of Dec, 2016
    +1 Votes

    We bought a Martha Stewart prelit 7.5 ft. tree last year from Home Depot. I is a beautiful tree with a sprinkling of snow on it. Worked great last xmas, This year two sections of lights did not work, so I called and emailed on a sunday to report this. First thing on monday morning, I got an email saying someone would call, and shortly after, someone called, she could not have been nicer or more helpful. She is sending us two strands of lights(100 lights in each) so we can put them on to get through the holidays, then in mid-january we are to call back and they will fix or replace the actual non working lights. I was very happy with the customer service I received!!

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