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National Enterprise Systems / scare tactics

1 29715 Solon Solon, United States

First I need to say this collection agency is lower than ###! An employee of NES, using the alias of Mr. Rice, called my 86year old grandfather, who is on SSI, and told him that he was going to file a motion in court tomorrow and sue him if he did not settle out a debt, org 4000.00 for 2800.00 today. My grandfather had no idea what the debt was for and told that to Mr. Rice. Mr. Rice refused to tell my grandfather any more than it was for a credit card. He had my grandfather so intimated and scared that he was shaking and having a hard time breathing. My grandfather paid Mr. Rice, 1500.00 on his visa card and did a check by phone for the rest. He decided it was better to keep his house than to afford his medicine for the next month.
I personally called Mr. Rice and told him that he was not going to use scare tactics to force my grandfather into paying for a debt when he counldn't even tell him what it was for. Mr. Rice told me that if I cared about my grandfather, I shouldn't mess with his livlihood. He then said that the credit card was FDIC insured, and that when you defraud the govt imprissionment often happens. I asked Mr. Rice if he was going to sue my grandfather, he said YES, if the agreeded upon payments do not clear. I then asked if he was a lawyer, he said no I am a legal assistant. I make 65, 000 less than our lawyers do in this office. I asked if this was a lawfirm he said YES! I asked him if I request by certified mail the proof of this debt, than you must send it to me, right? He said NO! Mr. Rice said that it is now in a lawfirm and the only time I will get proof of the debt is when it is entered into evidence to convict my grandfather of fraud and deceptive practices. I told him that I do not want him to contact my grandfather again until he can supply us with the proof we asked for. He said don't tell me how to do my job, and you better loose that attitude or your grandfather will be the one that pays. I told him per the FDCPA he has to stop calling if he gets a certified letter from my grandfather. Mr. Rice laughed and said that because he personally works for the creditor, he is not bound to FDCPA guidelines. He then said that Bank of America gave him authorization to sue my grandfather immediately, garnish his SSI check and freeze his bank account. I told him that I wanted to speak to a supervisor, he said that he makes all the final decisions on this case. I hung up.
I called back and asked to speak with Compliance, I spoke to a Carol, who wasvery accomodating. I told her my situation, and she appologized on behalf of Mr. Rice. She told me that NES is not a lawfirm but a collection agency and that Mr. Rice is not a legal assistant but a collector. She then credited my grandfather's visa card and stopped the check by phone payment. She also said that she would be the one handling my grandfather's file, and that she would order the documentation we requested. She said that if it turns out my grandfather did owe the debt, that she would be more than willing to take 15.00 a month payments, since he is 86 and on SSI.

God forbidden, but If my grandfather had a heart attack and died because of the scare tatics this collector used, we could have charged him with involuntary manslaughter, right!

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