National Enterprise SystemsRude unwarranted phone call

I was rudely awakened at 8:05 a.m. on one of my few days off by this company. (I have no unpaid debts.)
When I asked who was calling at this hour, Ms. Lott said the name of the company VERY quickly, and I believe she was trying to conceal the company name. She demanded to speak to a "Diane", to know if I was Diane, to know if I KNEW, "Diane", and when I said no, she hung up.
When I called the company, I spoke with 2 others, both of whom were very aggressive in trying to find out about Diane. They were brazenly unapologetic, and I warned that I would take action if they ever contacted me again. I think that any company that uses National Enterprise Systems to collect its debts is risking great harm to its own reputation.


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