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National Enterprise Systems / Violation of FDCPA

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A few weeks ago, I received a voicemail at work from an Officer Gonzalez from the Maricopa Co. Sheriff's Dept advising me that he would be serving me a summons at work that day if I didn't call back a lawyer by the name of Peter Schwartz. I called the number that he left, and it was the NES office. I asked to speak to "Peter Shwartz, " and the guy who answered advised me that he would handle this for the "attorney" who was busy at the moment. He proceeded to yell at me about how I am a liar because I did not have $800 to give him by the end of the day to pay off a debt that I owe. He said that 99% of people are liars like me. He advised that Fed Ex had been out to my house 3 times to give me documents stating when my court date was. I did some research, and found that there is no Officer Gonzalez at the Maricopa Sheriff's Dept. I also spoke to people at NES, and discovered that there is no attorney named Peter Shwartz on staff nor can NES bring suit against a debtor. They can only turn unpaid debts over to the original creditor. So, NES impersonated a police officer as well as a lawyer, and they lied to me about notifying me of some fictitious court date. The representative that I complained to at NES said that she would put in a complaint with her manager. She later told me that other people had filed similar complaints, and that the violations were coming from their California office, not their OH office. Who cares which office it is coming from? What kind of sick individuals can impersonate police, lawyers, and god knows who else as well as scream and lie like they did? I can't think of a more severe violation of the FDCPA. Can you?

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      29th of Apr, 2009
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    I have been paying off a student loan with American Education Services (AES) and they have been great. When my husband was laid off from work for a couple months I applied for temporary hardship and was granted my application for 3 months. When my 3 month period expired I started making payments again, as usual, to AES. A few months later I recieved a phone call from National Enterprize Systems telling me that my loan has been in default for an outstanding period of time and that I would have to go to court if I did not agree to an out of court settlement. I informed the woman who was calling me that I had been making payments to AES. She then informed me that she was looking at my account and did not see a single payment. When I reviewed conformation numbers for checks that I had sent to AES she replied, "Oh, those payments must be going towards the intrest only and that's why it's not showing up on my information." I told the woman that I was making payments and it should show up under her information whether it goes towards intrest or not, when she realized that I wasn't a complete idiot she started to become very rude. . . telling me that I shouldn't borrow money if I can't pay it back and that people like me are ruining the economy. I'm 36 weeks pregnant, could I have sued if I had gone into labor while on the phone with her?

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