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National Credit Solutions / Movie Gallery Debt

1 Brainerd, MN, United States Review updated:

Yesterday, i learned that my untarnished credit rating was in fact, showing a negative remark from something/someone called, "National Credit Solutions." I contacted them--by the way (They aren't helpful, and try to scare you into thinking that you are some sort of criminal, breaching a legal contract)--Brandi continues with telling me that only 20 people work for this collection agency, and they took on between 2 to 4 MILLION accounts from movie gallery. (simple math is $99 dollars x millions, and this place is getting rich off of alleged late fees and unreturned movies) This rental you may ask??? From 11/2009, which was returned, and i was in movie gallery every couple weeks until they closed five or six months ago, never to have been notified in person, over the phone or through mail that i had accrued ANY kind of fee, in fact, they were constantly calling and leaving messages about how i had won a free movie rental!!! Best Part you ask?? Why cant "NCS" send me and/or read me copy of the contract i allegedly signed (i gave them my drivers license, not to my knowledge, did i sign anything) and continued with telling me if i paid the $99 dollars today, they would delete it from my credit report. Im SURE many of you reading this just paid the $99 dollars or haven't yet, but are seriously considering it, but i wouldn't advise it!! Here is what i will say, i am contacting everyone who i can think of to reprimand "NCS" and Movie Gallery and someone should go to prison for ruining hardworking citizens credit report and rating. I am still wondering why this collector proceeded to tell me that my $99 dollars, wasn't important to her and wouldn't affect her job in the least. Well "NCS"

BRING IT ON! Contact BBB, FTC & send a letter of debt validation, and make them prove without a doubt that you owe this money. Keep me posted!

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  • Ch
      16th of Dec, 2010

    These ### did the same to me. I called and they said I returned it. Then I asked WHATS THE PROBLEM. They said it was apparently late, but I KNEW it wasn';t because I always drop off movies in their drop box. I used to wonder what if the movie fell between the drop box basket and like the cabinet wall, and they wouldnt know until they moved that damn basket.

    I am fighting this to the end. ### f'd up my credit score and now i am in a tough situation.

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  • Wo
      17th of Dec, 2010

    Same thing happened to me. I had perfect credit ...never had a late payment in my life. In 5mins these scam artists caused my credit score to drop nearly 100points. They messed with the wrong person. I dont owe this debt and have hired a lawyer. Turns out they have been sued plenty of times by innocent people just like us and LOST. They think they have found a loop hole in our system. We will see what happens in the end. They are really pathetic in their tactics. They are counting on people to just pay the bill. They act like they are here to help you ...all an ACT to politely bully people into paying them. See you in court NCS. By the way they monitor the Blogs, Complaint Boards and write in to encourage people to pay their debts. Do they really think we are that stupid. Everyone who had been bitten by NCS...sue them!

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  • Co
      17th of Dec, 2010

    I researched this on the Internet and found we are not alone. See Below----

    Go Here and Create a Debt Validation Letter. Learn about your rights and send a letter to NCS using the template VIA certified Mail Immediately.
    Read This and Know Your Rights: and
    Call Experian and DISPUTE THE ERROR: 1-866-853-0303 IMMEDIATELY
    Call The Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint: 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)
    File A complaint with your State Attorney general or Consumer Affairs Office.
    Lastly- File A Complaint with the Oklahoma Better Business Bureau

    Hope This Helps,

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  • Dd
      29th of Dec, 2010

    Dispute, dispute, dispute.
    If you know you do not owe this debt, than dispute in all ways as described above.
    I received a notice from my credit monitoring service on 12/16/2010 about this negative item. Called the company on 12/17/2010 to find out what this is about. Disputed the charge via telephone on 12/20/2010 and today 12/29/2010 the case was closed.
    Will keep an eye on credit report now as this debt shows on there 3 times under negative items (1 to report, 2 to state in dispute and 3 to close case)
    I disputed this debt online with Experian and also called National Credit Solutions to dispute. Sent them certified letter to request validation of this debt. Filed a complaint with the FTC (online) and also with the Attorney General of my state (online and via certified letter).
    Was informed today (13 days after initial notice on credit report) the case is closed and I owe no money to this company National Credit Solutions or Movie Gallery.

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  • Co
      30th of Dec, 2010

    DD5; I found no evidence this ever happend once Experian completed my disopute and "Deleted" the occurence. All 3 of the items you described have been completely removed.

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