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National Benefit Advisory Association / Bad Business

1 Ann Arbor, MI, United States

This company withdrew money from my account without permission. I was interested in their health savings plan and talked with a representative for a good deal of time. I told him I needed time to consider it and would not say yes at that time. However, when he told me that there was a limited time offer where they were accepting pre-existing health conditions such as mine and that he needed my bank account number to hold my place (or some such thing), I naively went ahead and gave it to him. I clearly stated that I would call the next morning if I wanted to go use their service.

During our conversation I was told that when /if I agreed, another representative would talk with me to go over the terms of the license agreement so I could formally approve. This never happened. Furthermore, someone at the office I had called entered information into their computer system saying that this had happened, going so far as to list the name of the person who (didn't) go over the liscense agreement with me. This I discovered when I called their corporate office and the woman, marilyn, who I talked to looked my information up on the computer. Thankfully she was honest and helpful and canceled my membership.

In order to get my money back I contacted my bank and contested the withdrawal. Then I put a stop payment on my account, which will last for six months, so that if the NBAA tries to withdraw from my account again the transaction will be blocked. It is much faster to go through your bank than to wait for the company to refund you. If you did not agree to their terms, then you have 60 days from the time of your bank statement to contest the withdrawal. And of course, never give away your account number or social security number.

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