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Total ripoff aimed at stealing money from men, they employ a bunch of ladies to rope you in and then want hundreds of dollars to contact them and then do not allow them to communicate with them.

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  • Ga
      31st of Jul, 2013
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    Hi, I live in ukraine. recently I was looking for a new job. I read the job ad: "the marriage agency is looking for the interpreters. it was natashaclub, who printed the ad. I thought the job was to translate the letters from the foreign men to ukrainian women and vise verse.
    But as it turns out, the"interpreter"gets photos of the girl(s) and starts questing for men on the web-site. the"interpreter"gets 40-45% from the cost of each letter that reads a man. at the same time the girl, whose photos are on natashaclub, does not get the slightest idea about whom"she"rights and what she rights! yes, this girl applied to the agency a year ago, but whether she wants some relationships now nobody knows and nobody cares about this fact.
    More than that, a man may make present to the girl he likes through natashaclub. the girl “gets” the present. the agency hires a photographer, who makes pictures of this girl with the arms around the present. then the agency takes from this present and the"interpreter" sends photos to a man. the girl gets 24% of the present’s cost. the agency all the rest. I think, you’ve already understood that the present on the photos is just a waxwork.
    I am very sorry about my country and about the people, who want to earn money this way!
    I wish you empyrean love and true relationships!
    Galina. ygn@hotmail. ru

  • Fo
      12th of Jan, 2019
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    @Galina-Ukraine hi, is there a real serieus ukraine dating site on ther internet? because they are al the same and also girls from difrent site are the same.

  • Ni
      16th of Nov, 2016
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    Sounds awful! I can get for you any information for any profile from any site.

    - background;
    - contact information;
    - is her in relations;
    - personal data;
    - is she a real person (sometimes agencies steal photos from social networks);
    - any additional information;
    I need a link on profile you are interested in (last name or date of birth would be extremely helpful but not necessary)
    From 1 to 3 days you'll get detailed report, with photos.

  • Na
      30th of Jan, 2018
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    Galina (or whoever is pretending to be galina), I am very sorry that you decided to post lies and undisguised libel about natashaclub. we can’t possibly “print” any ads to hire girls because we are not dealing with female clients directly. we are working with local dating agencies that submit profiles and are responsible for the translation and communication. we only supervise their work, i.e. settle issues between ladies (or their translators) and our customers, decide on refunds for letters and punish them if their work caused any kind of inconvenience and spoils our reputation. we monitor the activity of our local agents and analyze all related complaints on a daily basis which helps us to ensure that there are no abuses on part of our local representatives. judging by the tone of your claims, you seem to have belonged to a local agency which fraudulent activities were detected and penalized

  • Na
      29th of May, 2018
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    We are sorry that you were not satisfied with our costs. You pay for opening letters, so how much you spend in a month depends entirely on how many letters you choose to open. It may be $20, or $20, 000. To communicate with a woman off the site, you need to open 15 letters from her. Since the price for letters on the site varies from half a dollar to several dollars per letter, opening 15 letters may cost as low as 7.5 dollars.

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