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Nano Japan Operating At Malaysia And Singapore / selling fake health supplements with fake halal claim

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Recently I purchased a bottle of krill oil from "Nano Japan". As krill oil should be red in colour, I discovered that the colour of the krill oil capsule from Nano Japan is yellow instead of red. This got me worried. Upon studying the ingredient list on the box, I realise that there is also no phospholipids in the oil, which is a very important characteristic of krill oil. As authentic krill oil is water soluble, I opened up the capsule and put into water, and discovered that the oil just remain on top, instead of dissolving in water. This confirmed that Nano Japan’s krill oil is NOT krill oil.

1. It is yellow colour and

2. It has no phospholipids.

3. It does not dissolve in water. I have no idea the actual content in the so-called Krill Oil by Nano Japan. The consumer protection association and government should take action against such companies as the capsules are consumed into the body, and could potentially be dangerous.

Nano Japan is apparently a fake Japanese company selling fake health supplements at online marketplace in Malaysia and Singapore, such as Qoo10, tricking consumers into believing in their products are good with glitzy claims and testimonies but no real evidence. Moreover, virtually all authentic Japanese supplements are not Halal certified. If you are looking for real Halal health supplements, their supplements are also fake Halal certified. How can anyone entrust their health to an irresponsible company like Nano Japan? It’s a company that cannot be trusted by any means.

By the way, there is no REAL address of this company, they only put the address as :

International Plaza, Anson Road, Singapore
Management staff: Ms. Heidi Ng

No Floor and Unit is stated there!!!

If there is anything go wrong of the supplements, there is no way you can sue them.

Aug 22, 2017
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  • Aa
      29th of Aug, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I am a Muslim. Halal certification is a must for everything I consume, including health supplements. I used to buy from Nano Collagen from Nano Japan in Qoo10. However, I was told by my Japanese friends that it is impossible for Japanese products to have Halal certified, that’s why we do not see Halal certified Japanese products around in Japan I went to check the Halal association in Japan to find out if Nano Collagen is Halal certified, and confirm that Nano Collagen is NOT HALAL CERTIFIED! I am totally shock and urge all customers to be careful with this brand and company, because it cannot be trusted. It is a scam!

  • Na
      8th of Nov, 2017
    -1 Votes

    Dear Ms. Aabidah,
    Good evening. Thank you very much for your posting. We feel obliged to offer you an explanation for your kind assurance. In Japan, most foods, cosmetics, health supplements, skincare etc, are either derived from porcine (pork) or can be from unusual sources like horse's (oil) or sheep, deers placenta etc. While the concept of HALAL is permissible or HARAM strictly forbidden, the general consumer market has evolved quickly due to the coming Olympics to take place in Tokyo in 2020. Restaurants, hotels, manufacturers of finished goods are welcoming/ opening up to be certified HALAL, albeit by whom? In fact, traditional muslim organizations are also keeping up with times to offer certifications of various levels. As far as NANO JAPAN is concern, our Osaka factories had been visited by JAKIM (of Malaysia) inspectors and also IFRC officers (from HK office, but based in Indonesia). Unlike food premises that commonly serves up porcine dishes, offer alcoholic beverages, the criteria for health supplement manufacturers are more forgiving as it is more easily complied that the raw materials are not from forbidden sources (and might be pharmaceutical grade as a matter of the level), equipment are not contaminated, storing, delivery and shipping spaces are compartmentalize, etc, proper audit/ training and yearly inspections. While most Nano Japan products are HALAL certified product, some are not but they it don't mean that are haram like Nano Biogenie. It is not certified Halal because it is a separate manufacturing facility located in Yokohama. However, Nano Biogenie does not contain any animal origin materials but only soy beans fermentate and bacteria culture (since it is a probiotics by-product). We hope by offering this explanations can enable you and also esteemed readers a better insight. We appreciate your comments and your clearer understanding even more. If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to write to us at anytime. Thank you. - NANO JAPAN management

  • Aa
      5th of Dec, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Your answers do NOT address my concerns.
    There are few issues here remained unresolved.
    (1) NO PROPER EXPLANATION from Nano Japan to confirm how on earth the krill oil can be yellow color, instead of red. Let me get straight to the point. Nanao Japan's krill oil is FAKE Krill oil.
    (2) NO REAL IDENTITY of Nano Japan. If anything goes wrong and consumers fall sick or die from consuming your products, where to pursue legally? Consumer takes their own risk.
    (3) CONFIRMED Japan Islamic Trust, Halal Committee, NONE of your product is Halal certified, so why did you claim Halal?!
    Nano Japan cannot be trusted, it fabricate Halal claims and is a fabricated company selling fake health supplements.

  • Aa
      5th of Jan, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I have done some research on FAKE krill oil.

    There is fake krill oil on the market with just little or even zero Phospholipids, whereas Antarctic krill oil contains about 24% omega-3 fatty acids and at least 40% Phospholipids, to which the majority of the omega-3s are bound. The most outstanding property of Krill Oil is that the Omega-3's are in the form of Phospholipids and therefore better absorbed. If this is not the case, i.e. Omega-3 is not bound with Phospholipids, then it would be just kind of ordinary fish oil.

    Krill oil must be in RED color because of the existence of Astaxanthin. - a powerful bright red antioxidant.

    Nano Japan is defrauding customers because they think customers don't know any better.

    We should all report this scam to : or Help others by sharing this news to your friends.

  • Aa
      1st of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    Nano Lacto VV & probiotics is another fake health supplement. Kaneka Japan never research or produce probiotics. Nano Japan just like to claim whatever they like. The product won't work as what they claimed!

  • Vv
      23rd of Jul, 2018
    +1 Votes

    May i ask how r u so sure that nano japan is fake? Do u have concrete proof abt it? Pls share before i even feed my child with e probiotics. Thx

  • Pu
      4th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    Been consume nano hyaluron n collagen powder for a few years . Can't even count how many cans i bought .. but the product looks good for me . My skin more dewy and soft . But dont feel the bust getting bigger . Just make my skin fairer, glowy, dewy and soft . So even its not from japan i'll still repurchase it

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