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They charge you 3000 dhs to provide you with the your desired and wanted candid, but they send you at begining of the day some random CVs which most of them are not what you asked - most of them dont show up and some time some one else comes for interviews - very bad candidates, basically they search in internet and just call them to come to you, thats all what they do !!
They send you CV to look through, you choose but at the end some one else comes, I really didnt understand why they send you CVs !!! Most of the candidt they only know them same day through phone and not through carefully selected !as they promise you .
They promise they will replace you if the maid leaves but thats also not fullfilled by them,
They are totally unprofessional and I think by paying them 3000 you are just wasting your money .
I have met some other families also with the same problems and complain from this company so I decided to write here so at least others would be aware!

Feb 02, 2017

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