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It seems that this is going far far beyond ruining reputation of legitimate and well-known businesses. They're trying to write as much negative reviews as possible against website on the net to grasp the attention of the business owners. Once the business owner contact them about the false reviews, they ask him/her to go to their forum and beg for another evaluation. Sounds fun right?

The funny part is that when the business owner goes there and ask for re-evaluation, he will get bunch of middle fingers from their power members (somehow like staff i can say), so the business rating will remain the same or gets worse. Many of our business partners have been attacked by these power members before. By the way, they call whoever complain to them CRIMINAL! ..

We are in the process of filing a lawsuit for libeling, against them in Finland. Another ridiculous thing is that the management of thinks no one can touch them since they are in Finland, so they are happily defaming and libeling businesses based mainly in the US.

Do not trust MyWOT ratings and uninstall their add-on if you already have it installed on your Safari, Chrome, Firefox browser.

Feel free to share your experiences on this website (below this complaint).

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  • Ge
      18th of Apr, 2012

    AVG Safety Badge is so much better...and free

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  • Th
      6th of May, 2013

    We realized later that this was the game. We made considerable efforts to voice our concern and post rebuttals to no avail. It just made matters worse.

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