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I noticed that two £10 payments had been deducted on the same day from my credit card with the name 'WebLoyalty'. I have contacted the CC company and am making a formal compliant. It appears this is MyTime 'skimming' payment details from other transcations and then using them. Judging by the other complaints this is fraud.

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  • Be
      Sep 01, 2009

    My time rewards:
    I AM ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED WITH THIS COMPANY! I booked travel through National Express last year in September – and as a “supposed” incentive, was offered “free” memberbership to My Time Rewards – what a joke! As soon as I realised i was being charged (using my details from my national express booking) I cancelled my membership and presumed that I would no longer be charged. In February though, discovered that I was STILL being charged, so I sent an email to CONFIRM that I was no longer subscribed to this rubbish company. And now in August, I discover that I am STILL BEING CHARGED!!! I’ve tried to contact them but all I get to speak to is an automated computer, and clearly emailing them hasn’t had the desired effect. These people are FRAUDSTERS of note!

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  • I too have just noticed £10 from both "My time Rewards" and "Shopper Discounts & Rewards" after I bought tickets from ticketmaster (which I'll NEVER use again now). The rewards company disguised itself as a £15 off my next ticketmaster tickets so I thought sounds good - I'll enter my details to get that. At no time did I give them my card details or authorise them to take £10 off me every month. VERY annoying. Bank has told me the only way they can cancel it is if I get a new cash card which is a total pain but I might have to do it so I won't be charged anymore.

    If you're buying tickets on ticketmaster BEWARE of the spam e-mail offer from these companies that come with it!! I'm sticking to from now on. Shocking.

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  • Ia
      Mar 19, 2010

    I too will never use Ticketmaster again after this happened to me, thank God I actually checked my credit card statement.
    In my opinion this scam is fraud and robbery.

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  • Ol
      May 07, 2016

    I have never heard about this company, its services and did not want to become its member. I do not also remember the day when I subscribed. I was so surprised to know that they charge me £10 monthly. They did not send me the copy of confirmation that I subscribed to their service. My money have been taken from my account without my consent. I have a strong wish all my money to be reimbursed immediately.

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