MySurvey / my survey - b can't login anymore

Fort Blackmore, Virginia, United States

I have done surveys for years on "My Survey", but about a month or more ago, the site has not allowed me to use my valid email address which is: [protected]
The reason seems to be the ending of "coop", yet daily I get emails to do more surveys, and they are sent to the aforementioned email address.
I have sent previous complaints through the web page "Help" box at the bottom of the opening page before logging in, and also by reply from your emails to me about a survey to do.
The only answer I have gotten (about twice) was to LOG IN and go to the help box to find my ticket number. That is IMPOSSIBLE as it won't accept my email address.

There are surveys I couldn't complete that I had started, so I have lost those incentive points. (at least one 1000 pts and another 600 pts.) and many I that I can't access as I can't log in.
I already have enough points for a 10 Amazon Gift Card, but can't even redeem that.
My name is Rev. Ronald C. Moss, 572 Methodist Camp Lane, Fort Blackmore, VA [protected], landline [protected]

Sep 15, 2018

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