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Hazel jayxx or melmelxx_1 she still has;nt giving me my skype i paid for on 21 dec 2016 nor have i been given a refund. She was in it to rip me and other members off before she left. She, s in york if your reading this mel get your ### on skype and give me my five minutes you owe me or my 10 pound refund. I aint letting this go ok. thank, s you know who this is.I will hound you forever believe me.Till i get my jolly's.

  • Updated by ramboballsack · Apr 30, 2017

    more scamming models on mfc this time so called u. k model tootiefruit skype name princessrose474or lolly taking guy's money via paypal and not giving shows. she's been reported to mfc if anyone know, s this # knock her the # out plz. im fed up with scam models on this site u. k need's to close mfc or get tougher on cam models who de-fraud people. stay away from this woman look's like she's in another country acting like u. k model.

Apr 30, 2017

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