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Net Detective — Disconnected contact number

I tried calling the number listed on the website and it has been disconnected. I requested through email to...

Net DetectiveFraud

Same story as most. Join for a "Free Trial". Information is void or SO OLD, it's useless. Once registered, then and only then are you told that criminal records cost an additional $10.00. I cancelled the SAME DAY, only to NOT RECEIVE MY $$$ BACK, which was guaranteed, they charges me two additional charges of $29.95 and 19.95, for a total of $135.00!! That was in April 2011. It's September and I now have an investigation on-going with my bank. That particular account was an expense acct only for my minor son. Not only was there insufficient funds, just recently my bank put through the charges and added OD & NSF charges, for a grand total of almost $200.00. FORGET emailing or calling them as "representatives" are NEVER AVAILABLE and calls are NEVER returned. I have everything documented thank God. By the way, same story applies to the TV commercial and business, Been Verified. Don't be fooled. I am a disabled Private Investigator and these sites are useless, offer nothing and are all BS. Pay the $50.00 or so for a REAL Comprehensive Database Search, which can be conducted through any reputable P.I. Agency.

  • 19
    19jk Feb 01, 2010

    Complete fruad. Was directed by to Net Detectives web site. Their a fraud also. Net Det. had less info than you can get doing a white pages look up. Of course they hide behind "With a People Search search, powered by Net Detective, you may find the following information:" thats right YOU MAY FIND, chances are you will not find. They could not even find my wife, previuos address, wrong age. DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES!!

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  • Jo
    John Doe Jan 07, 2016

    You mean they are a fraudulent company and besides you didn't do the research before you decided to invest in a company you knew nothing about which in my opinion the bank should have looked in to that as well and according to what your saying you didn't so as a business owner I'm pretty sure they should have never done an investigation at all I am currently having the same problem but I don't mind because I used Net Detective back in 2009 and they were way better than Intelius is now.. And by having issues with them currently just means I made a mistake in investing in a company that used to be the real deal without redoing my research so I must deal with it...

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Net DetectiveBunch of lies

the review that i read said, she spent days trying to find the same information that net detective offered fo only 29.00 for 3 yrs. i ordered it and 30 mins late cancceled it, i put in 2 name mine and a friend and it only showed you the address, if you wanted more info you have to pay for it.there should be a law to get ### like these people off the internet instead of ripping people i only hope that these ### give me my total refund with out alot of problem.lies, lies, lies, lies

Net DetectiveRipped off

I wanted to find out some information on a relative. So I went to look at some of those internet places where they tell you free people search. Then you generic information and need to pay for more detail. They promise you all this information you will have access to...Not! You end up getting ripped off. A fee for a 3 day trial, then there is apparently another fee to get the same information but it is called "Plus". This site and compnay are a rip off. Once you pay for the "Plus" it seems there is also a fee for the upgrade which you have already been chaged for "PLUS". Stay way and keep your money. The information you get is there for free.

  • Ph
    Phillip Shumate Dec 24, 2007

    I joined Net Detective Plus and have used it several times. I entered a name that I know has an extensive criminal background and the search results showed no criminal history. I have also entered names in the people search that are listed in the phone book but the search results had no information. The only information it on myself was the information I provided when I joined.

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  • Ci
    Cindy Brettschneider Dec 29, 2007

    The company charged my credit card twice, does not recognize my email address or anything else. Now I have to get the charges off. I got sucked in by a fake Consumer Report web site.

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  • Jo
    jon jordash Nov 20, 2008

    Thanks for the info. It seems that Net Detective's plan is to intercept
    reports like these. They run a Consumers Report" RIP OFF page called "Consumers". Where they lead you to there sight
    with high recommendations from "Themselves".

    All received high regards from CONSUMERS GUIDE.NET
    All are likely the same "SCAM".

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  • Ju
    Judy Taylor Apr 15, 2009

    I signed up for the Net Detective in order to do a search on someone who wanted to be a roommate. The ad said you could get all this personal information. I agreed to $29 charge, but then found that the information provided was the same as I accessed previously on the internet. For information I needed (criminal history}, you had to pay another fee, then another fee, etc. An email address was sent with my confirmation in case I needed help. Guess what? When I contacted the help address to cancel, their email site rejected my request as spam. Can you believe that???? I notice there are many, many complaints on this "company."

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Net DetectiveRIP OFF

This is such a rip off. I even did some checking on the net before I went with this service. They get you to sign up for a service and then you need to get an upgrade to get the information you thought you were getting the 1st time. Then they charge you an additional fee for the upgrade you were already billed for. The information they provide is not current, not detailed like they advertise and it is information you can get for free on the net yourself. BIG RIP OFF. Maybe a class action suit needs to be started. Spread the word and post your complaints as many places as possible. Maybe someone could develop a website with a name so close to theirs people could get directed to that site with all the warnings and complaints posted.

  • Ri
    Richard Dec 09, 2008

    Was looking to do a background check for a serious family situation. Found Net Detectives, everything appeared legit. Registered, paid, no services. Tried to enter search information, program 'pretends to do a search' then comes back to a log on screen. No answer at any of the support phone numbers given. A total scam and I fell for it.

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  • C4
    C4shor Jul 06, 2010

    Trying to find out about a person that concerned me I turned to N.D., investing lots of money, the report I received was out dated, no criminal back ground showed I tried to protect my children, from a possible harm. Getting no satisfaction I'm back to worrying. They won't tell the truth be cause I don't know why. When I ask they become offended. I turned to N.D.for help, and got none!

    This causes me concern, what happens if the are a sex offender, or something else. As it avertises, they are relible for information..where is the reliablity!

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  • Se
    SexxyTiana Sep 28, 2011

    ahhh i wish i had read this story on Netdetective an hour ago!!! so i signed up for their service believing i was going to get the information i wanted .. hook line and sinker i paid 29.99 for a 3 yr membership thats basically bullcra$ and they had me pay an additional 10 dollars to get access to the information i wanted ..complete rip-off!!! people follow your gut dont buy into their fake advertising, take it from me youll save time and money good luck.

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Net DetectiveFraudulant Site and Promotions

Fraudulaent Advertizing! Scammers!! There must be some way to stop them. They provide no services as promised, and steal your money. I wish I had seen this site before buying, but they swamp the intertnet search engines with warnings about not being scammed by OTHER detective people search sites, but that Net Detective (and two others) are the only ones that are legitimate, so you think they are. They put out seemingly neutral non-profit reviews under different names (i.e. " which are fake and perpetuate the scam. Do not buy into their lies. The Better Business Bureau has graded them with the letter "F". They are known on BBB's complaint site by many names, some of them being "HD Publishing Group", and another is " Customer Care Dot Com, Inc.".

  • Valerie Apr 18, 2008

    Net Detective SUCKS!! I was duped by the fancy ads screaming how much information you could pull up on anyone pertaining to anything!! T Total ###!!! I did a search, found the individual, and when I clicked on the 'more info' tab, it takes you a page that asks that you pay an additional $9.95 with a recurring $29.95 fee for the Law Enforcement Version. This website is a total waste. If you have $29.00 to blow up a wild hogs ###, then by all means, join the site. The site administrators will love you long time. Use my loss as your gain, don't try this site, go elsewhere. Thanks for reading (hopefully it saved you $29.00).

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  • Ay
    Ayi Walsh Dec 16, 2008

    MAJOR Rip-Off
    They claim they will give you background information such as an individual's property values, but after you pay the initial $29. they ask for more money to give you that info. Basically, what you get for $29 is the same info Intellius and other people search sites give you for free.
    I checked on someone whose current address I know and they gave me ONLY the address that person hasn't lived at in five years. Other sites are much more current despite not having access to the 3.5 billion pieces of information Net Detective claims.

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  • Si
    sickofbeingripoff Oct 13, 2009

    Wanted to do research on an employee, read their wedsite and it stated 29.95 for three years and 100% money back, sign up did one search and it told me to upgrade my membership for $10 to get more information which I did and the information I received was not as good as the people search which was free. Cancel the same day call them up and the told me to get a form and fax it in for a refund. They refund my $29.95, but not the upgrade for $10. Total scam

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Net DetectiveTotal Scam

This scam is run by Harris Publishing or This company has OVER 1000 COMPLAINTS across the different fraud reporting sites on the net! Buyer beware! They lied about what their product is and does. The information you get from it is horrible and available for free on the net. On top of that, they made several unauthorized charges to my credit card. By the time it was all said and done they had stuck me with over $80 a month in recurring fees when I originally purchased a $29 program. I can't believe the Attorney General of Florida has not prosecuted this company when they have so many complaints and are obviously a HUGE scam!

Net DetectiveOnline fraud

I am being sued by someone with a completely disputable claim, so I decided to try to do some background checking on this person. I went online to search for some kind of tool to help and Net Detective came up. Now the thing that swayed me into using it were all the supposed reports from Consumer Groups. Well I used Net Detective and paid $29 and to my utter disappointment all the information I wanted came back with a link saying I needed to upgrade to Net Detective Plus. Basically I got less information than I got when I used White Pages or the local city information pages. All I got was the name and City, nothing else whatsoever. By this time I've already paid $29, so I signed up for Net Detective Plus, and again was completely disappointed as all the information I got was wrong. I searched on people I knew everything about and boy the info was completely way out, I mean WAY OUT!!! If these guys don't have the info I guess they make it up. I even searched known hardened criminals, the FBI's most wanted and other local criminals and the info was complete rubbish, unusable.

I asked for a refund and they sent me a 'novella' to fill out and send by 'snail mail'. I also tried to fax it. I have been waiting 2 months so far and have not received anything. I canceled the Net Detective Plus service by phoning them and put a watch service with my bank to see if they tried to debit my bank account. They did. So I phoned them again and they promised me that the service was canceled and would you believe that they tried again, but this time double the amount (presumably because they couldn't collect on the first amount). I promptly canceled my card.

I e-mailed them to say I hadn't received my refund and they didn't ever reply, so I phoned and guess what, yes you guessed it, they claimed that they hadn't received my refund form. I told them that I had also faxed it, but that's when they let it slip that their fax machine only responds to cell services!!! Ah, so I jumped on that straight away, the fax service only responds to cell numbers, so that means that their is no physical way to fax them and just in case you dispute that the service doesn't work, I guess they show you by using a cell phone???

So I am now e-mailing them on a daily basis until I receive a refund because as far as I am concerned, multiple phone calls and e-mails prove I am not happy and want a refund. The snail mail form is most definitely their way of delaying the refund, hoping you'll give up. This company should be taken to task by the Better Business Bureau or even better, everyone on this site should put in a mass complaint and have these Sheisters put out f business.

Net DetectiveStole my money

I subscribed to Net Detective for a one- time fee. I didn't realize that they are debiting my account every month. Can't find a way to stop them; the site doesn't have a link to cancel and get my money back. I paid the $29.00 fee in good faith as a one-time fee. Went to the customer help site and found only questions about changing passwords or names. I used the service, possible twice and it was a waste of time and money. The information they provided was available through other sources and was not what the advertisement promises.

Net DetectiveCorrupt company!

I signed up with Net Detective and paid $29.95 for 3 years membership. I then started checking out previous renters that owed us money for rent and damages of which I could not locate. No info came up on them so I entered our apartment building's address of which we have owned for 2 1/2 years. Tenant names that I have never heard of came up as living in the building as of now.

This was a waste of time and money for I can not trust any info I get from this site. They claim to be updating their database but entering people that lived in our apartment building more then 3 years ago in not an update.

I wish I would have checked out before I paid them. I asked for a refund but never heard from them.

They need to be closed down.

  • Te
    Terry Day Apr 04, 2008

    I sent my complaint to the Ohio Attorney General. They are the only ones capable of dealing with these rip-off companies.

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Net DetectivePaid for but no product!

I ordered this product on line. After they took my credit card number everything dissapeared. I don't have a log in name or a password or a reciept, or any access to the site. They say they have no record of my email. I have only the web site I don't know the address of the company. This supposidly was a highly reccomended product according to Now what? There is a first time for everything and this is the first time I was ever scammed. Luckly the credit card doesn't have much of an allowable balance and the bank it's through knows me so I won't have to pay for any charges not mine. I was hoping this product would help keep me safer not rip me off.

  • Wi
    William P. Greenidge Dec 13, 2007

    I paid $29 to net detective and found that the site had no links that work.

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  • Ad
    Adam Vasiliou Dec 30, 2007

    I mentor prisoners and I use the NET DETECTIVE to get there criminal record. For more information I register and paid the service of NET DETECTIVE PLUS. More money but the same resold. NO RECORD FOUND. If they are seating in he prison there is a record. This is a garbage service product to take your money. The basic information that this system provides can be found free from public records.

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  • Ma
    Marlene A. Greer Jan 04, 2008


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  • La
    Laila Jan 23, 2008

    It was horrible! I can't believe I actually fell for this. Nothing worked and there are about 7 different sites that NetDetective has. All look different and all take you to the same useless web page. I recieved no password or information. And I lost my money....

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  • Al
    Al Sanchez Jul 24, 2008

    They have flooded the internet with many different types of websites under different names and have given the Background Check Industry a bad name. Here are some links that may be useful to you. If I can be of any help to anyone, e-mail me and I'll do what I can to help. ( no strings attached) as I'd like to see this Company be accountable. Thanks.. Al Sanchez -

    Report them to your States' Attorney Generals Office of Consumer Protection, and also to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). There is also the Internet Crime Complaint Center who you can contact also. This all takes a little time, but get mad and get even, and get your money back from anyone who rips you off.

    Internet Crime Complaint Center -

    Federal Trade Commission:

    National Association of Attorney Generals Offices by State:

    Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section
    United States Department of Justice

    Tip: Check out who owns the Website where you got ripped off: - This allows you to check the domain ownership records. Further details perhaps including the owner's contact details may be available from a link near the bottom of this page. - Type the domain name or the owner's name into the search field at the top and see what info comes up. - You can usually find snapshots of the site in days gone by archived here. Contact details might be available on some pages.
    Enter a domain name to lookup.

    Here's my tip: Harris Digital Publishing Group
    Net Detective
    Net Detective Plus
    National Alert Registry
    Private Credit Info
    About HDP Products -

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  • Ia
    IaK89 Sep 11, 2009

    I needed a background check that included financial and criminal history for information on a potential tenant. Net Detective advertised background checks for 29.95, but when I purchased and entered the site, the background check was just a basic name, and outdated address. (You can get this type of information on some "white page" sites, for free.)

    To get the information I needed, I had to "upgrade" to Net Detective Pro, for an extra 10.00 for three days - BUT you can't even upgrade unless you also agree that they can charge you an additional 29.95 per month aftr the 3 days is up!

    I went ahead and upgraded, planning to cancel the following day to avoid being charged even more. So now I had spent 39.95, with a potential problem of future charges. The more "comprehensive" background check then showed basic census data, and claimed to find no criminal or financial history.

    I then tested it by checking a relative with a long string of minor convictions (including jail time) and guess what? His check came back with no convictions found! Amazed, I checked a roommate who filed bankruptcy two years ago. It did not come up.

    At this point I realized that their "thousands of databases" didn't have any relevant information! I called the next day and was able to get them to cancel the recurring billing of 29.95, but to get a refund of my original 29.95 I would have to download and print a four page document, which I need to fax or smail mail in to them. Why can't this be done by phone or online? Obviously to make it a hassle so that people will not follow through. To add insult to injury, the representative said the additional 10.00 was non refundable.

    I suppose I was lucky to have only lost 10.00 and a couple hours time, but their deceitful advertising and difficult refund policy, plus their ineffectual searchs (which could make a searcher falsely confident when they shouldn't be) make them a ripoff. It's even potentially dangerous to claim to have information and show someone's record as clean when it is not.

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  • Lo
    loraine boney Jan 03, 2011

    Other sites had recommended net detective as the best site to locate loved ones. Well it's just another scam, My situation was the same as the other customers who registered complaints.Pay $29.95 for three yrs. on your credit card and then pay extra if you want info like is available to police officers. to bad i didn't read all the other complaints first. at least i didn't pay the extra money.

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  • C4
    C4short Oct 21, 2011

    Trying to find out about a person that concerned me I turned to N.D., investing lots of money, the report I received was out dated, no criminal back ground showed I tried to protect my children, from a possible harm. Getting no satisfaction I’m back to worrying. They won’t tell the truth be cause I don’t know why. When I ask they become offended. I turned to N.D.for help, and got none!

    This causes me concern, what happens if the are a sex offender, or something else. As it avertises, they are relible for information..where is the reliablity!

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  • Ri
    Ricardo Jun 17, 2016

    The come-on promises a "one-time" payment of $29.00 however, once you submit a credit card number, you find that you are now committed to a $9.95 per month subscription fee. Additionally, when you get the most basic info on a person for a background check, additional criminal or other info requires a cost of $10. This company fails to provide honest information as they encourage enrollment in their services. This seems to be the normal ploy these companies use for unwary customers.

    The message I would forward regarding Net Detective and similar on-line services is caveat emptor!!

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Net DetectiveExtra rude customer service, troubles using site

Net Detective

I signed up for Net Detective and can rarely get on the site. I was established to use I have trouble every time I try to use the site I paid for. Then, I have to call customer service. you don't have an 800 number, so I have to pay for the call. The, I get the rudest people on earth to try to get help from. I had to call three times today. Your CUSTOMER SERVICE? representatives are rude, don't know what they are saying and hung-up in my face. I called back and asked for a supervisor and she was EXTRA RUDE. You need a different set of people to serve on your customer service. You don't know who they are and they don't care about CUSTOMER SERVICE!


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