MyFax / free trial is a scam

United States

Signed up for the free trial - then forgot about it. I never received a SINGLE statement from them and then when I finally noticed $11 per month had been charged to my credit card, they cancelled but wouldn't give any credit back even though it had NEVER been used. Completely unreasonable customer service said I had been emailed monthly statements - which I never got. How do you argue with them on that - i checked my spam and nothing there either. I missed it on my visabill as we have soo many transactions on there and a second myfax account that we do use. I'm very disapointed that there customer service person - Shane at local 397 (no last name would be given) was so unempowered to do the right thing. My recommendations to our staff for myfax have stopped as of today! I was given a mailing address for their HO but there is no phone number to call. That's not right either.


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