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My name is Tyler Petitclerc and I own Rebel Comics in Cochrane, AB Canada. I recently sent in over 1500 comic books for trade in and what I received was not what was expected. I was told I would receive fair compensation as well as half of what the delivery cost is, and only got $0.014 a book (each book valued at at least $3.99) and delivery cost was over $420. The cheque we received was worth $232.51, meaning that $210 of that was for shipping and $22.51 for the comics. So I don't know how we proceed from here, either we get our comics sent back so we can receive proper compensation, or our comics are reevaluated to get a proper price. I tried contacting our rep who was dealing with this situation (Jon Ansley) and I have not heard anything from him in over 3 weeks. We do not want to stop doing business with Mycomicshop or LoneStarComics but this situation is getting out of hand and we would like to resolve it as quick as possible. Thank you for your time.

  • Updated by rebelcomicsinc, Feb 21, 2018

    We will no longer continue to be a customer of mycomicshop or lone star comics, I sent in about 1500 comics and didn't receive proper information on what the price would be, I was only told what option. We also did not receive proper compensation for shipping, and the call I just received from one of your sales reps only confirmed our decision since he continued to claim information was given when it was not, and refusing to help in anyway. If I had known we would only get $0.014 per book I would have never went ahead with the trade. The unprofessional and lack of customer service that you have given us will not be accepted and until proper action is taken we will not be placing anymore orders with your company.

Feb 21, 2018

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