My Tech Squad P/L / refund not returned

16 Thistle Down,, Huntingfield Tasmania 7055, Australia
Contact information:
Phone: 03 62291299

On the 2nd May 2015 I contacted these people because I had problem with Microsoft Word. They spent a lot of time telling me how well they could fix my computer.
I am partially deaf and they do not speak good English and are very hard to hear. They also speak very fast so I was getting tired.
I finally asked how much all this great service was going to cost me. The girl quoted me $400 + $40 GST for three (3) years service, in which they would keep my computer in tip top condition.
I paid and was immediately able to have a technician fix my computer.
The next day I discovered he'd done nothing more than sort out a minimal problem with 'Word'. I felt suddenly very doubtful and about four days later rang and said I wasn't happy with the arrangement, wanted to cancel it and could I please have my money back.
There are a huge amount of talk and questions and probing and they finally said they would have to have the technician take another look at my machine before they would return any money.
I finally realised that unless I allowed that I would never see any of the money.
By this time I was tiring. Anyway the technician came on and we discussed and he questioned and argued with me for half an hour until I finally said all I wanted was a refund. This had been my refrain from the beginning.
It was like trying to get a banana from a gorilla.
In the end they would return $300 - $15 GST, which mean that for the $400 + $40 GST I would get back $275 but I'd now also paid another $15 GST.
After that I was told I would have to wait 20 working days before the money was returned. I argued that if they could have my money immediately why was it not the same coming the other way from them?
They were insistent it would be 20 working days, which ended yesterday 6th June 2015 with no sign of the money and no way of being able to contact them again easily because of course they are not in Australia, but in Indonesia.
I have since realised I never received an email confirming my payment to them and the other thing I also realised is that they insisted I pay by Visa card rather than PayPal, which meant I could not ask PayPal to take up the case for me.
They also said they would send me an email confirming they had sent the money when they did so, but that hasn't appeared either.
The best I can offer in the way of proof is a screen shot of my Visa account with the money shown to have been taken out by these people. I just hope it's sufficient, I am willing to send you the Visa page but that would compromise my bank details which is never a good idea.
I think I have been well and truly scammed and I'm feeling pretty sick about it
I would be so grateful if you can do something about this issue, but I fear they are well and truly covered.
Thank you
Carolyn Harris

My Tech Squad P/L

Jun 7, 2015

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