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Tonawanda, NY, United States

I've been in the inspections business for 2 1/2 years. I looked forward to this opportunity because it was an expansion of the inspections I was already doing and was close to my home. I managed to get through the difficult 2 week online training class. For this they were very upfront that this was a pass/fail part of the program. Once I passed that, it took several days to be contacted by a supervisor for the next step. It had been explained that I would be assigned work and shadowed by someone to make sure I understood the process. Unless I had difficulty, I would then be assigned regular work. This is where I was "got". I was told to shadow someone. He would offer to let me do an inspection and then he would do it without giving me the opportunity to try. He did "quiz" me on my knowledge base and I even made observations that this man (who claimed over 10 years with the company) totally missed (a water hazard being one of them). He told me I did really well and would do just fine. OVER A WEEK WENT BY AFTER I SUBMITTED MY TIME AND MILEAGE to the "supervisor" with no response (and no pay). I finally sent an email asking if they had forgotten about me and when was I getting the assignments I was told I would get. 2 more days passed and I received an EMAIL saying I was now fired. I had not passed my field training. How do you fail something you didn't get to actively participate in ? No one said this shadowing was a pass/fail situation. With my other inspection job, I maintain a 90% or better quality and on time rate so I do know what I am doing. Don't be too excited about a position with this company. Although I believe they are legit (they do represent numerous insurance companies) their employment practices are quite shady so apply with caution.

Jul 28, 2014

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