Mr. Tiretires bald

I have been dealing with Mr. Tire for a while. Back in 2014 I bought some tires. A set of them. They was suppose to be guaranteed for 40, 000 miles. I only been 15, 000 miles. and when I bought them this one tire kept going flat. They put air in them before I got off the lot. I didn't think nothing then, because I just thought it was like that because they were new. Well that tire kept doing the same thing going down. I kept going there about it. The last time I went they said they fixed it. Well they didn't. I called them on Thursday February 25th 2016. They told me to bring it again they wanted to see if they could fix it again. Well when I got there they took it in the back and came out and said there was 2 nails in the tire. To me that was a coincidence. because all the complaining I did then all of a sudden there was 2 nails in the tire. then the manager wanted to be smart with me and told me to buy another tire. and I got smart right back and said I wasn't buying a damn thing. He said well your not getting them for free. So I contacted the BBB. This is in the Easton office. Easton, Maryland21601. I would Like my money back for them tires they are bald. And I had to buy new tires any way. My name is Ida E Webb. My address is P O Box 1052 Easton, Maryland 21601.

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