Mozilla Firefoxscrewed up my computer royally!

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Yesterday I got a message in the lower right corner of my screen stating that "Firefox appears to be running slow" (or something like that. It suggested that I Refresh Firefox to solve my problems. So I did. After all, Firefox would do anything that would destroy everything I'd worked years to set up, would they?

Holy cow! They could have mentioned that it would totally DELETE all the Add-Ons that I'd had for years!!! Dozens of them!!! Every one!!! And I don't even remember what they all were -- most of them just ran quietly in the background!!!

And it also changed my Home Page and my Search Engine! I don't know at this point whatever devastating thing it's done. I'm just dumbfounded!

Mozilla Firefox has pulled some dumb tricks on its users over the years, but this is the worst yet!!!

Then, today, they had the audacity to send me a Survey actually ASKING ME how I liked "Refresh, and if I was unhappy that it had had deleted all my Add-Ons. And they then asked if I would be willing to recommend "Refresh" to my friends. So they KNEW it was going to delete my Add-Ons, and it never occurred to them that I would be devastated by it -- and it was something they should MENTION!!!

I am furious. These people are out of control and have no concept of customer service!

Mar 15, 2016
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  • Ro
      Mar 25, 2016

    it's adobe, it's just too much for the m****s at mozilla. not if, but when it starts running slugglish, it means you have more than one window open, and firefox just can;t handle that type of next level use. 1 window is ok, 2?

    you use this garbage the same reason the rest of us do, because you prefer the format. edge and chrome easily outperform this trash, but you will be stuck with it forver because of a simple visual preference.

    welcome to hell.

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