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Mozilla Firefox Browser / firefox or avant browser?

1 United States Review updated:

I'm once again trying Firefox. I keep reading reviews on it, on how good it is and I see all the extensions you can use with it, that you can't use with Avant Browser. Firefox is slow compared to Avant. I keep getting these reset connection errors that I never get with Avant. the 2 browsers are alot alike, they both have tabbed pages, everything generally is the same except it's slower for some reason loading pages. I guess I will once again uninstall Firefox and go back to Avant. Hopefully Avant some day will make some extensions you can use.

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  • El
      19th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Firefox is FAST. It sounds like your computer is infected with MALWARE. Get help cleaning your system for free at

    for more firefox help:

  • Aa
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    waaa! i hate avant it steal your runescape passwords!!!

  • Cj
      5th of Jun, 2014
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    Mozilla Firefox Browser - Not connecting to selection - Going elsewhere
    United States

    Browser does NOT go to selection chosen. Browser opens up many 'unknown' sites. Can't find any page for changing Browser Security/choices unlike with Internet Explorer. Can't locate a Signature Option with this Browser. Considering using another that works and does NOT hide options. All Mozilla does it offer APPS - I am NOT into APPS. Just want simplified email

  • Ab
      14th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Mozilla - Foxfire Web browser
    United States

    OK, I set the search engine to duck duck, and every week or so it goes to Yahoo, and I have to reset again. Someone said that you guys do that. Is that so. I do not like Yahoo or Google. Do you have a fix to permanently never ever go to the DAMN Yahoo site. Yahoo likes MALWARE and I don't.

    Jerry Baker

  • Jb
      1st of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Mozilla - FIREFOX unwanted...seems "Do Not Update" setting does not work!!
    United States

    Users do not want you to move everything around like MS Windows...don't let the Millennials do it to you too... just passing it along as I am an IT support guy. I will stick with Ver 56 until I need to switch Browsers again

  • Hu
      2nd of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Mozilla - why yahoo the default

    I am a firefox user for more than 5 years but recently when i install it in my new computer, i found that the search engine always turn into yahoo even i removed the yahoo as one of my option in search engine. i find this very annoying and disappointed. Please do something and make my google back as before . Thank you.

  • Ja
      5th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Mozilla - Firefox Quantum 57.0
    United States

    I hate how ugly Firefox Quantum 57.0 is with the hard edges/90-degree angles. Plus they're black. I don't use Chrome because of its hard edges. Why did you do this to Firefox, which used to be the most beautiful browser?

  • St
      10th of Sep, 2018
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    Mozilla - Firefox
    United States

    I have gone to settings and made Google my default browser. Nevertheless, when I begin a search on Google I am very soon switched, sometimes to Yahoo and sometimes to Bing. I really dislike this. I went back to settings and removed both from the list of browsers, and still I am switched from Google to some other browser. Please stop doing this.

  • Mi
      10th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Mozilla - Yahoo search
    United States

    With your new version I am forced to using the much inferior search engine provided by Yahoo. I managed to change if temporarily to Google but it returned to Yahoo. I have been using your search engine for years. If the problem is not solved I will move to Chrome.

    Thanks for your help,

  • Hi
      10th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Mozilla - unauthorized debit card charges

    Hello, Unaurthorized payment was deducted yesterday $64.52 out of no where from my bank account. The website is fake and it opens up automatically. Please provide me the refund back. I checked google and there are so many complaints about this website. papgamez is the website and the deduction was done on 11th Oct.

  • Di
      18th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Mozilla - Firefox
    Cottage Grove
    United States

    New (horrible unneeded) update 'DELETED' all my saved passwords in the 'properties' feature. Shame on you for deleting data that customers deem necessary to save for ease of using websites.

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