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False contract misrepresented 3 month cancellation, called customer to stop service they did the service anyway complained again they told us we had to complete contractthere was nothing we could do about it filed a complaint with bbb of utah and utah consumer protection agency.talked with owner john who said he was willing to anull contract and svc bill if I retracted my complaint to bbb utah I said i would when i had letter from him absolving and removal of contract obligation instead he sent me a bill for $90.00 service fee and $300.00 to end contract. He lied to me and I feel they should be fined and placed on probation and we should be released from the contract and bill.


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  • Ra
      Sep 09, 2012

    Pest control companies have joined the dozens of other businesses that will only sell you something in "lifetime supply" quantities. I only need pest control people twice a year and do the rest of pest controlling myself. I live in an area with zillions of black widows and recluse spiders as well so I don't take any chances. I've contacted at least 5 pest control companies and they will not just come out for one trip - unless I pay them for 3 trips. How the heck do I know if they're any good? The last pest control guy that came out sprinkled a little here and a little there like a priest blessing a congregation. I know enough about spider control that what you use, where you spray and what areas need the most attention is the name of the game. This guy was useless. So forget it. Read up on controlling the pests you're after and do it yourself. There are lots of very effective products that you can get on line for less than 3 pest control trips, in quantities that will last ya for years, and work just as good or better then the licensed guys' stuff. The pest control business has become one of my most hated flim flams.

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  • Sa
      Nov 20, 2018
    Moxie Pest Control - supposed to notify before spraying to protect pets
    United States

    They were supposed to call before spraying so pets could be brought inside first to protect them. They did not. Just started spraying while pets were outside.

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