Movie Gallery / Bogus Charges turned to Collections

1 AR, United States

OMG - Really????? Apparently charged for two games that I never rented and now turned over to collections - NCS out of Oklahoma. When they were still in business I started receiving Movie Gallery statements to my forwarding address as I had moved months before statements started coming. I called the store on several occassions who said it was taken care, their mistake as they did not have cameras to record their transactions nor did they always ID the person or persons renting on accounts. I carefully made notes each time I called and noted exactly who I talked to. The statements kept coming and finally reached district manager who also said account taken care. Funny thing - I was charged for game rentals and I did not even own a gaming system of any kind and the date of the so called rentals happened after I moved out of the city of Maumelle. I had moved more than 30 miles south so why would I even bother to rent from them?????? Anyway, I checked credit report other day and as you have all discovered being charged bogus and ridiciously charges and turned over to NCS and never once have they made any attempt to contact me. Movie Gallery has filed for Banpruptcy Case No: 10-30696 (DOT) as of 11-18-2010 under Chapter 11 so they sold there unresolved accounts or forced their store account write offs back into bogus system to give past balances and have sold to NCS in the hopes of screwing everyone over. I called the NCS who patiently explained to me about the account, as my blood is boling, but never once did they ask about my address or a phone number and I called from a blocked number so couldn't be tracked through caller id. I told them they could marked the account as in dispute and I would be contacting Attorney General, FTC, and BBB immediately and to Transunion where the claim had been filed and there would be no payments made to them and left it at that. Now EVERYONE needs to bombard every resource and take every avenue not to only help yourself but all the innocent victims in this scam. ARKANSAS

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