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Ordered 2XL Snowmobile Helmet with XL Riding Gloves. Get email that Riding Gloves will be shipped separately. Received Helmet...but in wrong size (XL instead of 2XL). Emails and phone calls to get return info. Had to ship helmet back at MY EXPENSE. Had to call/email multiple times to get helmet...finally delivered 3 weeks later. No word on gloves after multiple emails and phone calls. Received gloves in mail today: 1.not riding gloves as shown on website, (not XL as ordered) Resolution Sought:1.Reimburse my mailing expense 2.Send me snowmobile riding gloves as ordered 3.Pay for mailing on return of these generic one size fits all non-riding gloves received

Company's Response: The Gloves were a FREE gift and they are leather riding gloves exactly as advertised. The ad is at The ad reads leather riding gloves and that is what they received. Nowhere on the ad does it say Snowmobile gloves. The cost the customer paid for these gloves was FREE. These gloves are a one size fits all real Leather riding gloves. No where on the ad does it read anything other than that. We are sorry if the customer does not like them however since the customer paid nothing for them the customer cost for these gloves is ZERO. The helmet was sent direct from HJC factory and the helmet was exchanged for customer as soon as we received the helmet back that customer wanted exchanged. We are disappointed that our efforts did not meet there expectations.

Consumer's Rebuttal: Photo of "free" riding gloves was of snowmbobile riding gloves. Website asked for size for riding gloves: which was entered as "XL". The "one size fits all" riding gloves were not XL and since the "free" riding gloves were part of a package for a snowmobile helmet, the assumption would be the riding gloves being for a snowmobile as pictured on the site. They are generic cheap leather gloves with minimal lining that could never be used on a snowmobile. As far as "free" gloves...I had found the helmet for a lesser amount on another website, but b/c this ad included the "free" gloves as a package...I paid more for the helmet assuming the extra cost would be made up with the new gloves.Lastly, nobody addressing the issue of MY EXPENSE for mailing for a mistake by Motobuys

Company's Final Response :This customer ordered a HJC helmet which he claims was not the correct size when received. He was promptly given a return auth # and we exchanged the helmet free of charge. The ad for the Helmet says clearly FREE leather riding gloves. Nothing about snowmobile or anything else. The point here is that the gloves are a "FREE GIFT" with purchase. Customer paid zero, nada, nothing for these gloves. So the main basis for this complaint is he does like the FREE GLOVES that he paid ($0) for? Whats next, someone filing a BBB complaint at Cracker Jack because they don"t like that FREE toy in the box.


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