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Mortgage / Erroneous Charges and attacks against credit

1 Carol Stream, IL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800 -446-2936

From the Desk of Vaughn Millard Williams III
1420 West 87th Street
Los Angeles, California 90047

June 17, 2008

Ocwen Loan Servicing
Attention: Director of Customer Service
P.O. Box 6440
Carol Stream, IL [protected]

RE: Account Number [protected] – Removal of 30 day late and request for attention to the matters below:

Dear Director Customer Service (OCWEN),

This correspondence comes out of pure frustration as I cannot make heads or tails with your company. Your customer service line plays games with me and tells me things like “I’m sorry but I can only accept a payment if you are paying the late charges as well”, or they will say something to the effect of, you might want to consider making your payments on time”. First and foremost its rude, but most importantly people are struggling to make payments now days, and for me its even more of a struggle as I am impacted by the rising interest rates on all of my home loans (1st, 2nd and 3rd). A few months ago I wrote a letter to you requesting that someone contact me regarding a rate reduction as the current rate makes the payment way too high. I asked for a 7% rate, but to date I’ve not received an e-mail, written correspondence or anything, and to be quite honest, I am absolutely tired of fighting the fight. I recognize my payments run 29 days late, but its because I don’t have the entire payment at one time and your company will not let me split the payment amongst two payments, but what makes matters worse is that when I make a payment on-line there is always an issue, but when I mail the payment in, it’s cool and everything goes through without a hitch. I am very upset with the fact that Ocwen will not provide me with better treatment. In an age of mortgage fall out, one would think that companies would at least be sensitive to their clients needs, but that’s not what I’ve experience and now the problem has occurred again. I went online to make my May payment on May 30th as I was scrambling to get the money in my account, (but I got it), only to discover that the same problem exist in that my online payments are always rejected and I’m assessed a $25.00 fee. This time when it happened, I checked my credit union personally, and even met with my credit union branch manager, he investigated my checking account and discovered that Ocwen had never made any of the attempts to draft against my account which indicates to me that you are looking for ways to charge me excess fees. It bothers me because I use to have respect for your company, but over the last few months, its been utter disrespect, and it almost feels as though you are making malicious attempts to destroy me. That’s why I write statements on the back of my checks now, so that I am covered. After the payment for May never posted properly, I again mailed a physical check to you for my payment, and it cleared right away. (On the back of the check I wrote the following ‘ By cashing this check you agree that all payments are current and that this account has no 30 day lates). Today I got a call from the finance company who is refinancing my loan and they informed me that you reported a 30 day late for the month of may. (I am asking that you remove this late as by cashing my check you agreed to the terms, not to mention the fact that I believe its an error on your part, not mine.) In the event that I need to obtain a letter from my Bank I will, but the fact of the matter is that the payment was made before the 30 days, and your company for some reason just won’t post the proper information. I am frustrated by this.

Today, I will ask that you remove the 30 day late, get back to me regarding the rate reduction, remove the erroneous NSF fees as the payments were never presented for payment to my checking account, and the only thing you guys can tell me is that the account number couldn’t be found. I find that hard to believe especially since I use the account every day of my natural life.

In closing I also asked that the late fees be cut in half so that I could clear the account, today I have not heard anything regarding any of my requests. Please respond to me in writing or via e-mail at As indicated in my last 4 correspondence to you, I cannot accept phone calls during working hours as its against my companies policy. You insist on calling me after I requested that you e-mail me.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter, and for agreeing to remove all 30 day lates’ from this account as it seems to be system error. I appreciate the professional courtesy, and again thank you for adhering to my request. Should you desire to set-up auto-pay to prevent this from happening again, I am fine with that as well, I just want the nightmare to go away.


Mr. Vaughn Millard Williams III

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      27th of Jun, 2015
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    It's the same song and dance with Ocwen, these guys are made up of many banks, investors, dictators and own the data collection companies. No one can win against Ocwen because they are the Corruption and have stock holders to please as well, I am sorry for your problem with them and for those to come as Ocwen does business under all the names in the business that have anything to do with a mortgage, they are living the American Dream and no one will stop them as they are all in business together.

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