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Saxon Mortgage Services — Wrongful Foreclosure

May 2, 2011 Re: Tracy Wood/Saxon Mortgage 12851 N. Whitlock Canyon Dr Tucson, AZ 85750 To whom it may...

Saxon Mortgage ServicesLoan Modification

We have been waiting on a modification loan since January 2009. Always the same story lost document did not receive documents. Taxes and insurance not paid from esrow. If we told the whole story we could write a book.

  • Jo
    Jo Ann Zepher Apr 24, 2011

    saxon need to be shutdown

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  • Je
    Jeramia J. Parker Jr. Mar 25, 2013

    We Live in Florida and always paid our mortgage on time, one day an insurance adjuster walked by our window, saw a dog that he thought was a bulldog, cancelled our homeowners insurance. Next thing we know Saxon puts the expensive forced insurance on the house wich doubled our payment, wich we could not afford.So we call them right away and they tell us we can do a repayment plan.They tell us if we pay a certain amount for six months on time, then at the end of six months get our own insurance that thry would
    give us a new loan.Well we did what we were suppose to and turned in our financials and they said they had to process it but it could take up to 90 days, to call twice a month and keep checking on the process.Well by the third phone call the person I was speaking to was different and had no record of any payment plan or any agreements, so I sent them mine because I had proof of everything.They said to go ahead and send in new financial info. because by then it had been a couple months.Well everytime they say to wait and then call in to check, then same story different person, they have no record of any payments and to resend in my financials!We wound up loosing our home that all my girls were born and raised in and seeking advice from a lawyer this week! It's more than money it's personal, we can't even drive by our old neighborhood without getting upset!! Sandra and Jeramia Parker Jr.

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I had made a complaint back in February, 2011
I would like everyone to know how SAXON Mortgage Services handled what they did to me. My house was sold on Feb 8, 2011. I got a call from Richard Yellett, The investor who said he was buying my house at auction at 11 am. Of course socked!! They bought the house, offered it back to us for $50, 000 more and closing fees as well as any taxes due. So we were going to try and buy it. Then SAXON calls, they open up a file to investigate what went wrong. So we tell Richard Yellett and his partner Warren Michaels, we are not buying the house. Saxon admitted this is a mistake, just like we told them from the start. We had 4 days to move out. Saxon admits they have made a mistake, and now they are talking about rescinding the sale. It is now, Feb 25, we are moving out.
Saxon calls my Attorney to tell him they are buying the house back from the Investors. Never happens the locks were cut and now Investors have the house. They continue to say they are buying the house back. My house is up for sale, with a sign in the front yard. They told the BBB today, March 17, 2011 that they are still trying to get my house back, and that I never sent the correct documents, I was missing payments. Total lies! I had to fax everything twice because they lost everything the first time around. I have 16months of information about this modification I was approved for. Its funny how SAXON wants to blame me, when I have all the documents showing they approved my modification on June 14, 2010. I am now fighting Saxon for the wrongful foreclosure. I also have to defend myself against alleged charges the Investors made against me. This is all due to SAXON making a horrible mistake. Their right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing! That's why they lose payments, fax documents etc... did a story BOLT OF BLUE and KOLD NEWS channel 13 you can also read the story and see the news clip on my website, its in the blog section. I will not be a quiet voice . I will continue to file complaints and send my story out to all news stations and radio programs. In case you were wondering, I have filed with every single Govt agency and Attorney General, In several States. I have also sent Obama a complaint, as well as US Senator John McCain ans Gabrielle Gifford's
This is truly a nightmare!
Tracy Wood
Tucson AZ

  • Tb
    tbjorg Mar 17, 2011 do you get in contact with these companies...I cannot get any emails to go through & I also cannot get them to answer the phone numbers that I was provided!


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  • Da
    Darlene Carreon May 13, 2011

    I just went through the same thing. Be careful. They never gave me any kind of answer regarding anything either. At one point, after almost two years of making the stip to mod payments, and being told that they, saxon, would do everything possible to keep me in my home and get me a payment that I could afford, they gave me no options, no nothing. They made choices for me. I just found out, April 22, 2011, via mail and certified, "Dear occupant, we are the new owners of this property in which you reside. If you are the former owner, you are given, as of the date of this letter, April 20th, 2011, 5 days to vacate the property." I was and am still devastated. We don't know where I will go. I have many dogs and have disabilities due to an illness, which saxon was very much aware of. I in turn had to go to eviction court and now am told that I have to be out of, what I thought was MY home, by no later than June 7, 2011, or a sheriff will forcibly remove me ASAP. At this time, my mind is not right thanks to these people. They recently sent someone to my house to offer me money to move. He stated that they would only give me $2, 500.00, BUT, when they gave me the paperwork to sign, it stipulated that I would only receive it under the conditions that I would agree NOT to proceed with any other claims or lawsuits against them. It also came from the mortgage company OCWEN. When I questioned this person regarding this matter, he proceeded to scream and holler at me and told me that if I had made payments then I would not of been foreclosed on and they did not have to give me anything at all. I tried to tell him it wasn't like that at all but when I spoke up, this man got worse with his temper. He then tried to take the paper work from me and I refused to give it to him as I felt that someone needed to look at this. He stormed out of my house, throwing a babygate to the floor, and that was the last I heard of him. This was just two days ago. (Oh, and the funny thing about it all is that the same bank had bought my house that Saxon was dealing with, only under NovaStar.)
    So if anyone knows of a class action suit against these people, I too, need some real serious help. You are not alone. And this is no doubt what you will be looking at next. I found out that they sold my house on Jan. 7, 2011. I never found out until April 22, 2011. I was working on a modification with saxon as well at that time. That was the end of the contact with them. No letters saying nothing. I recieved bills in the mail, and letters from the county assessors office. I had no reason to believe this had happpened.
    These people are very mean and devious. They don't care. They have no heart. This does not affect them. It is only a paycheck to them. So why should they take the time out to help us and do what is right.
    Please, prepare yourself for what your about to face. Don't end up like me.
    Again, I ask, if anyone knows of a lawsuit that is in effect regarding the idiots, please, let me know. I have all my paperwork ready to go for anyone that needs it. They just need to be legit.

    Darlene Knight-Carreon
    [email protected]
    Peoria AZ. 85382

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Saxon Mortgage ServicesLies, Fraud & Forgery

We got our mortgage from Meritch Mortgage Services in 2001. It was a 15 year, fixed rate loan. When the guy left he took the loan papers claiming he would send me copies of them. I believed him, but never got loan papers. It seemed like things were going okay, I had a coupon book and it looked like money was coming off the principal.

Then we received a letter stating that Meritech sold our loan to Saxon Mortgage Services in 2002. Once Saxon took over, everything changed. I couldn't get in touch with them for quite some time. When I did, I asked for a monthly statement so I could see what I owed and had paid. They finally sent me statements and now the contract had changed.

Our loan became a 360 month (30 year) loan. I asked for a copy of the loan papers. It's our loan with Meritech that says it's a 15 year, fixed rate loan, with our signatures and our witness’ signature as well. But Saxon added an addendum that says it's a 30 year loan, with a 15 year balloon payment. We never signed an addendum.
I just found this "addendum" about 6 months ago and never knew that it became a 15 year balloon payment. This is Fraud! They can't just change the terms of the loan and add "addendums".

Our payment has gone up a lot. When I questioned them why, it was always, “oh, the taxes or insurance went up”. I have tried to get 3 different attorneys to look into this and try to do something about it. One attorney did find out that they were double insuring me. Then he sent my money back and said he wouldn’t handle the case. That, too, is illegal. When I contacted Saxon they said it was ‘extra’ fire insurance. If you get to talk to a real person, they talk you in circles. This is the most fraudulent company I’ve ever had to deal with.

I was making overpayments and the guy told me if I didn’t specifically tell them that it was an ‘overpayment to be applied to the principal’, it went on the interest.
Whatever you do, don’t let them know that you’re struggling. I did, now they are sending someone around to make sure we’re still living there, at a charge to me, of course.

I thought a contract was a contract and the terms of it couldn’t be changed or signatures forged. There has to be someone willing to stand up to this company.

Saxon Mortgage ServicesAdvice to all:

I want to recommend that all Saxon Mortgage Complaints be forwarded to the - The Bureau of Consumer Protection. There are plenty of individuals dealing with Saxon to make this a situation that needs to be investigated. This is truly mismanagment and incompetence and needs to be investigated for the protection of the consumers. No one that I know of CHOSE Saxon as their servicers yet we all have to deal with them. Just because they are Servicing our loans does not mean we need to put up with this type of business practices. Please file a complaint with the following offices:
*BBB of your state and TX.
* - Consumer Protection
* Attorney Generals office of your state and TX

Be sure to list all your CC: on the bottom of your letters. Let them all know you are taking your complaints outside their little world. Forward a copy of your complaint (minus any vital info) to the news stations. They might want to hear about it.

  • Ta
    Tammy B Dec 21, 2009

    File a complaint with the bureau of consumer protection (, BBB and the Attorney Generals offices. We as a whole need to use the offices that were put in place to stop this sort of stuff. We are all stuck under the thumbs of a company that doesn't believe they should be held accountable for their actions. We need to ban together as one and fight them for the right to be treated with a bit of respect as people. If Saxon wants to call themselves a debt collector then they should be goverened by the debt collections practices act and should need to follow the laws.


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  • Ne
    nestle1 Mar 16, 2010

    i have been reading all the complaints against saxon, and its all happened to me.

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  • Ja
    James Ehlers May 06, 2010

    Saxon Mortgage took my so-called "loan" and began to charge me monthly payments.
    Problem is I am diabetic and really did NOT qualify for this loan. Next thing I knew they
    tried to foreclose on me thinking they would get an expensive home for 1/3rd of its value.
    A very good profet for Saxon or their associates!. Thank goodness, I took out a reverse mortgage before they foreclosed on me!!! ###.

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Saxon Mortgage ServicesUnfair Foreclosure Tactics

In June 2009, we were to begin payment for our newly 'modified' loan, which locked our rate for a number of years to 7% and reduced our monthly payments by $200. At least, this is what was indicated in our modification contract/agreement (which they did not submit to us with signatures).

We called Saxon and made our first (reduced) payment on June 1st. July, we call and make our payment, for the amount of our modified loan. Saxon accepted both payments. In August, I call to make our payment, and they refust to accept it. They said our payment was now $300 more than our modification amount (at this point, we have not received anything from Saxon indicating a change in our payment) and that the last payment we made in July was sitting in an account marked as "unallocated" funds.

I asked that the 'operator' read for me what Saxon had on file for my current payment amount - her records indicated this new larger amount. I asked if she had access to our new modification agreement, and she did, and she verified our contract amount.

At that point, she opened our account 'for review' from higher management, we were advised to disregard any notices we receive while they 'review' our account to clear up the amount due, and not to submit payment (which they refused to take on every attempt).

Everyone we talked to over the next 2 months indicated that they were escalating our account 'for review'. Noone contacted us, noone reviewd our account, and we were now behind in payments.

We made an attempt to pay through September, and Saxon refused to accept our payment until they completed their review, every time we were advised that our home was not going to be subject to Foreclosure or Default while they completed their review, and to disregard any notices we receive, since they are automatically generated.

We made several (documented) phone follow up calls to find out the status of our account, attempting to pay each time, which was refused for 'review'. We were then advised to submit a new application for modification. They sent us the paperwork, we put together a new 112 page application package, and submitted it by fax and certified mail.

Our phone call to verify receipt of our package, and to find out the status of our account, resulted in being told they received our package and we would receive information by mail indicating their progress with our account, soon. That very day, we received 10 certified notices of default, and 10 additional traditional mail copies of default/filing with our court - intent to sell the property!! Yes - 20 copies of their intent to foreclose. This was in early Nov 2009. We are still under the impression that our home is not in danger of default or foreclosure, because our account is still 'under review' and they had not straightened out our original modification and payment amount, or how to get the 'system' to accept a payment from us. We are still under the impression that we are to 'disregard any notices' we receive.

We also received 2 modifcation notices within 2 days of my follow up call - one notice requested a call from us to submit more information, they other notice was to inform us that they received our package and it was being processed. I called them, in response to their notice/request. I was then asked for my payment, I attempted to pay, was rejected again (I am always told it is a flaw with their system and they can't take my payment).

I asked what information they needed for the modification - and the operator said they showed no indication that they needed anything by the information provided on my account. This is when they tell me: "Because your home is in foreclosure." WHATTT?????? If you can imagine, I aksed the 5 W's - Who, What, Where, When, WHY and HOW????

Further review of my account with the operator, and I discovered that the information about the new investor on my account (investor #159 - they won't tell me who owns my loan) DOES NOT DO MODIFCATIONS. So... now my account has fallen behind for every month they refuse to take payment, they put a hold on our account for their own review which they never performed, they requested a new modification application (this can take 45 days to process, after they accept it), we learned they increased our payment because our 'Escrow Increased' - without notification, we have been told our home was not in danger of foreclosure - and they have now filed with the court in Sacramento to sell our home if we don't come up with the balance due. Mind you - they are sitting on $1800 of ours that they are holding as 'unallocated', which would have covered the increased escrow amount they apparently added to our account, and caused a problem with their system so they were unable to process our payments after July.

We are now desperate to keep our home and were advised by Saxon to also apply for the goverment home affordable mortgage help - in the same conversation with Saxon, we were refused that service until December, because Saxon was 'going through a restructuring and would not be able to process the Home Affordability Program applications until after Dec. 1, 2009." So, yesterday (Dec 2nd) we called in and applied for this program over the phone. I'm not sure we trust our application is going to be processed. We were declined because we had a modification on our account already and we missed our first 3 payments!! WHICH WE TRIED TO MAKE!!

They put in a request to put a hold on foreclosure while our account is under review for the new gov. mod. The hold did not take. Now, our home is in Foreclosure, and I honestly don't know what this means exactly, or what to do next. I spent $300 with an attorney after finding out our home is actually in foreclosure, only to be told it would be too expensive for us to take this to court. I am at a complete loss, literally, emotionally, and figuratively.

Hoping noone else every has to experience this nightmare.

  • Dr
    drkernerlaw Dec 20, 2009

    I currently have a counter-claim in Florida for the same exact issue. Pleasecontact me at [email protected] or 305 639 2992 and if I do not asnwer please leave a message for Mike with your name and telephone number so that I may contact you. We actually got Saxon to dismiss two foreclosures against my parents and we are trying to beat them in the counter-claim.

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  • Ta
    Tammy B Dec 21, 2009

    File a complaint with the bureau of consumer protection (, BBB and the Attorney Generals offices. We as a whole need to use the offices that were put in place to stop this sort of stuff. We are all stuck under the thumbs of a company that doesn't believe they should be held accountable for their actions. We need to ban together as one and fight them for the right to be treated with a bit of respect as people. If Saxon wants to call themselves a debt collector then they should be goverened by the debt collections practices act and should need to follow the laws. Either way they don't have the right to deliberately and maliciously conduct business in a way that causes financial damage to their customers.

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  • Ba
    barbara georgia Jan 06, 2010

    I have been trying to get a modification from Saxon mortgage for 1 year and half and have been put through all kind of changes I have submitted document after document of lost paper work need update information or it has not gone to a service r yet one excuse after another and finally October 23, I got a letter of foreclosure I had been denied a loan modification and did not know it. I called naca and they have not responded to naca they sent me out another foreclosure date of 02/02/2010 how does this company get away
    with this kind of fraud.

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  • Ma
    mama420 Jan 08, 2010

    Saxon has and is doing much of the same and more with my dad. I filed a complaint against them with the Federal Trade Commission (877)382-4357 or I then contacted the the F.B.I. mortgage fraud division in Dallas, TX (my dads Saxon Mortgage is located in Ft. Worth, TX) (972)559-5000. I also contacted We -Tip Fraud (800)472-7766 I spoke with Operator 96, both the F.B.I and We-Tip Fraud want as much documentation faxed over to them as possible and it's made me finally fell like someone is listening... I hope that this information is helpful to anyone else experiencing all these "stall" tactics that Saxon is pulling on so many people!! Check the pages and pages of complaints on Saxon at It's complete BS. Hopefully the FBI offices get flooded with complaints enough to take some action against them. Good Luck!

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  • Ti
    time to live in a box Jan 12, 2010

    call robin 1-817-665-7862


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  • Sc
    Scurtis Aug 31, 2010

    This sounds a lot like what has happened to me & my husband. This company has refused to accept any payments from us since April and now they keep shifting our account from person to person without anyone giving us any answers as to what options are open to us for a re-structure. They do not communicate in any way other than to leave voicemails. When I call them all I get is a mail-box to leave a message. They will not put anything in writing or in e-mail. We are interested in seeing if there is a class action suit going on with them or not. Any lawyers out there interested??? I am sure there are enough complaints to qualify. We are at a loss as to which way to go - don't want to go thru what I am sure is coming from them (foreclosure) - even though they refuse to accept any payments. They lure you in with offers of modifications on your payments and then withdraw it and get you in a position where you don't know where to go. This company is unbelievable!!! Any suggestions as to how to handle them would be appreciated!!

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  • Je
    jeanzgirl1 Sep 26, 2010

    This sounds almost exactly like what has happened to me!!! OMG. I am going to try to contact all of the people/agencies listed above...I often tell the operators with whom I talk to that they work for a grimy company and I tell them how this company has shafted me throughout the years! I despise this company! I had an money in my escrow account that has suddenly disappeared and had to complete more paperwork for a modification that includes a down payment. The operator had the nerve to insinuate that I had not made any payments during the time that I was awaiting word about the HAMP modification. I quickly corrected her and read her the riot act on trying to talk down to me. Make sure that you document who you speak with and the date and time. That helps when they try to deny what an operator has told me.

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  • Fr
    FRANCES BERMUDEZ Sep 27, 2010


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Saxon Mortgage Services — Short Sale Response Time

I am a Realtor working on short sale approval for my client, and not getting a response from Saxon. They have...

Saxon Mortgage ServicesMORTGAGE FRAUD

Saxon Mortgage Services: Reconstructed mortgage loan May 21, 2008. Have not missed one payment. Saxon says we have made no payments since October despite the fact that we have cerified-mailed and faxed the proof of payments. Thet took $15, 500.00 upon loan reconstruction and never told us where it went. Now they have filed a default otice 24 Dec. We have talked to HOPE NOW and have a HUD Counselor as of 01/31/09. We have not made our Jnauary payment because Saxon did not recoed the December payment and returned November payment. In addition to our $15K they have over $8000.00 in escrow after taxes paid in December. On top of all this we have both been laid off. Our house has dropped from the purchase price of $679, 000.00 in Sept. 2005 to $425, 000.00 now. Can anyone direct us to a class action lawsuit? Milaena

  • Ms
    msoliman Feb 11, 2009




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  • They are many companies that are legitimate and can help homeowners stop foreclosure and keep their homes.

    Mortgage Assistance Group is one of those companies that holds an "A" rating with the BBB and has help over 500 homeowners keep their homes.

    They give a discount to the homeowners who have been scammed and treat each client with respect and dignity.

    You can reach them at 623-486-4505 and at

    Thanks and good luck,

    Randy D.

    P.S. If you know someowner they can help, They will pay a $100 referral!

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Saxon Mortgage ServicesSaxon's Inability to Service A Mortgage Account

I have read other complaints on this site and will join you in complaints against Saxon Mortgage.
Before i go into detail about what Saxon has done, or failed to do, I want to shae some very valuable information. Saxon was acquired by Morgan Stanley Brokerage in 2005. Your complaints about Saxon should go to Morgan Stanley. Here is the contact informaton you need. I encouarge you all to do as I did and that is to call, send an e-mail and also send a letter by snail mail.

Morgan Stanley Advocasy Department phone number: [protected]

mailing address: Morgan Stanley Client Advocate
680 West 10000 Suite 3rd Floor
South Jordan UT. 84095

e-mail address: [protected]

The phone will be answered by a human being. Tell them that you are an investment owned by Morgan Stanley. We are infact, investments that Morgan Stanley has purchased and has hired or acquired Saxon Mortgage Services to do just that, service our mortgages. As an investment of Morgan Stanley we are a valuable commodity. They can't afford to lose any of us. So by all means contact Morgan Stanley Brokerage and let them know how dissatidfied you are with the Service you receive from Saxon Mortgage. BE PROFESSIONAL, don't scream or cuss. I recommend that before you call, write down, in detail, those things that Saxon has done wrong in Servicing your Account. Then also write down what it is tha you are looking for Saxon to do. Be realistic. If you are in a mortgage that there is just reasonable way for you to maintain, then bite the bullet, contact Saxon and ask for a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Then don't wait for Saxon to move you out of the home, make arrangements and move. Don't destroy property and don't do foolish things like remove windows or ceiliing fans and light switches. DON't
PAINT THE WALLS RED or scribble ugly words on them. These type of actions will only get you in trouble and doesn't help your cause.

Here is what has happened with Saxon and Us...

1)We were sold to Saxon before our first payment was due.
When it came time to make the payment, and understand we had always made all of our payments on-line, Saxon demanded a 4.95 payment to make a payment on-line, unless we set them up for ACH or Automatic payment. Who charges someone to make a payment to thier account? This action was to force people to set up automatic payments

2) Saxon paid the wrong homeowners insurance company, the wrong insurance premium
Saxon had listed our insurance company as State Farm Ins. we've have never used State Farm to insure anything we own. In addition they paid $660 on this premium we did not own. Our insurance Premium was $402. We made the discovery upon receiving a cancelation notice from our homeowners insurance company. It took from June 2007 until December 2007 to get this straightened out. and that included calls everyday to Saxon. Our biggest concern is where is the $660 that was retuned by State Farm. It as never posted to our Escrow account, nor was it applied at a priciple reduction, or payment. So where is it?

3)Saxon double paid our REAL Homeowners Ins carrier. After 2 months that money was returned and posted to a suspence account, after several calls and a few months, instead of being posted to our escrow balance. Saxon applied it as a principle reduction, several calls and another month later this money was transferred to our ecrow balance.

4)In December 2007 we receivd a letter from our county treasurer's office that stated we owed back taxes and penalties and interest. Again a few calles to Saxon Mortgage and Saxon finally paid the proper tax amount, However they have charged our acount the penalties and interest. I am still fighting them on this one.

5)Saxon has changed our payment amount 5 times in the year and a half that Saxon has serviced our account. There have been no justifiable reasons for changing (always increasing) our payment amount.

6) I performed an amortization of our account and realized that Saxon was charging us 88. more each month than was owed for P&I and escrow and this had been going on with each increase Saxon had made to our loan payments. Saxon had posted our annual property taxes as $547.12 instead of the correct amount of $345.44. They had also continued to show the wrong insurance company and the wrong insurance premium . FINALLY in November 2008 I got Saxon to do a re-amortization of our account. It is still slightly off, but is closer to what the payment should be.

7) We tried to refinance and get out of the grasps of Saxon in December 2008, to no avail. Saxon maintains that we signed a 5 year 5 percent prepay penalty document when we closed our loan. When we reviewed our documentation (several times), we found no document of any prepay penalty. We asked that Saxon send us a copy. They did. The signatures that appear on this Document are not ours. We want to fight Saxon on this and have sent a letter to their protected Customer Relations Department and heard nothing back from them at all. Our next recourse would be to hire an attorney and fight Saxon on this, but following a conversation I had with an attorney, this is one of the most difficult cases to argue, it becomes a sort of he said, she said kind of thing and is costly. We do not have the funds available to begin such an argument or I can guarantee you that we would.

8) Since we could not refinance at a lower interest rate we are stuck with Saxon. If Saxon had cooperated, we would have long ago resolved the connection we have with Saxon and also our rate would have been reduced and our payment lower, but as it is, we had to turn to Saxon for a loan modification in September 2007. Here we are in Mid November of 2007 andwe have yet to have a conversation with a negotiator from Saxon. We were told at the time that we filed for the modification that the negotiator has 20 days to make contact. That is of course, 20 business days, excluding any federal holidays. Lets see. September 10th---- until Novemebr 20. Some where in ther I know we hae well past the 2 day marker. I call everyday. And everyday I get to leave a voice mail. I will tell you that one day at 5:53 in the afternoon, I missed a call from Saxon. A voice message was left, giving me a name of Trina Higginbotham, supposedly a Vice President of the Loan Loss Mitigation Department and a direct dial phone number. I have called this number everyday, up to 4 times a day and each time I receive a voice mail system encouraging me to leave a message and that my call will be returned. No call has ever been returned.

In my opinion Saxon treats their customers as much less than dirt., They don't think of us as cusotmers, uyet they should, because we are indeed an Investment belonging to Morgan Stanley who acquired Saxon Mortgage and if the investment crumbles thereis loss for everyone involved. Again I encourage you to contact Morgan Stanley.

  • Ri
    RICHARD MANTEUFEL Dec 10, 2008

    we should have the story on saxon mortgage services on 60 minutes

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  • Al
    Alma Jan 05, 2009

    Morgan Stanley defends Saxon and ordered Saxon to foreclose on all the loans that they can. Morgan Stanley sucks also! Please save your home and go to the only website that will offer REAL HELP from real people. Read the our site and fill out the short form and get the wheels of justice working for you! You will so glad that you did!!!

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  • Sa
    Saxon Mortgage Fraud Help Jun 22, 2009

    Saxon Mortgage has also caused us much harm and are foreclosing on our property. Among other things they have mis-applied our mortgage payments, changed our escrow payment, canceled our home owners insurance, charged us mysterious fees, and began foreclosure proceedings even though we were not late on any payments whatsoever. We made every attempt to straighten the matter with them by calling several times a week and mailing, faxing and e-mailing proof of payments all to no avail. It appears that many others are having or have already experienced trouble with Saxon Mortgage and we need your help. Please, if any one out there that is currently in foreclosure or have already been foreclosed on due to Saxon Mortgage's shady practices, we need your help! Please provide us with evidence of the harm they have caused you due to fraudulent practices. Please become a witness in our case against them. The more we can establish a repeat pattern of their illegal, shady practices, the better our chances of beating them. We have to go Pro Se (represent ourselves in court) because lawyers want upwards of 35K up front to defend us and we don't have that kind of cash lying around. Big companies like Saxon Mortgage (backed by ginormous companies like Morgan Stanley) know that they can get away with most of these acts because the people they are preying on can't afford the lawyers they need to pull them out of the mess they cause. They may lose one or two, here or there, but it's worth the many more they win. Many of these homes have quite a bit of equity to them, so Saxon has a lot to gain by foreclosing on the properties. Please, help us beat them at their own game. We would appreciate all the help we can get. The more evidence the better. Spammers please don't abuse our e-mail address...we have enough trouble on our hands and we can't afford anything, so sales pitches are no use. Please e-mail: (Put the letters together so they form the actual e-mail keeps helps to keep bots from finding our e-mail address) D e L a n d F u N (at) a o l dot com. Thanks!

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  • Ak
    AKayGre Aug 31, 2009

    I sent an emial to Morgan Stanley as was suggested never heard a thing. So much for that.

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  • Ak
    AKayGre Aug 31, 2009

    Morgan Stanley doesn't really care either.

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  • Ti
    time to live in a box Sep 07, 2009

    That good old suspense account that is how they earn interest with our money. Also turn them in to the better business bureau of Texas they hear and reply. State attorney general also. I have been heard and talked to by both. The only people listening.

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  • They are many companies that are legitimate and can help homeowners stop foreclosure and keep their homes.

    Mortgage Assistance Group is one of those companies that holds an "A" rating with the BBB and has help over 500 homeowners keep their homes.

    They give a discount to the homeowners who have been scammed and treat each client with respect and dignity.

    You can reach them at 623-486-4505 and at

    Thanks and good luck,

    Randy D.

    P.S. If you know someowner they can help, They will pay a $100 referral!

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  • Ti
    time to live in a box Jan 12, 2010

    Call Robin she is a BBB customer complaint answerer with Saxon 1-817-665-7862 then there is Megan 1-888325-3502 these may change when they get to many calls, but worth a try.

    Saxon also took one of my mortgage payments put it into a suspense account because it was early. I had done a double payment to get my account ahead and they decided to use it for late charges, do you live in your house charge, unknown appraisal fee and many other non-verified charges. I still to this day have not gotten a clear answer on this and probably never will.

    I finally got a home modification done with Saxon I started in August 2008 and it was final on Jan 1, 2010. My final paper work was sent on Christmas eve and I had to have it notarized before sending it back and they would sent a notary to my house no way do I want them in my house and they said that person would take the envelope with them and send it noooooo I took it to the bank had it notarized made copies sent it back in the prepaid envelope and had to send my payment difference by phone to no have any lag time for them to say I was late on my January payment I did this all on the 26 of Dec. The new modification payment was about 200.00 from the original due to escrow and i had already paid my monthly payment for Dec and them the new payment came a difference of about 200.00 so I did an over the phone payment so they could not get me as late and take my house away. You have to be three steps ahead of them and read all material call immediately to ask questions and keep a clear head and keep a notebook of all information obtained form them. They tried to charge me with the are you living in your home charge of 9.50 to have someone come by and check to see if the house was still being lived in.

    Saxon is now at an F rating with the BBB and having to answer to them.

    I have been fighting with Saxon since 2005, I finally filled a complaint with the Texas BBB got a call the next day to help me and answer questions. I also filed a complaint with the national banks also put a complaint with Morgan Stanley who owns Saxon.

    I call at least three times a week take the employee number and ask that they look at my file and read the screen and tell me when I last called in and noted taken and if anything else new. When taking to Athena Walker just remember she is one person working with probably thousands of us. So call customer service and have them transfer you to the home modification line they will have more information on your paperwork . The fax number to send paper work should be 1-866-695-1563 please try first before counting on. Many number have been discounted or no longer in service. The last number for a negotiator office 1-866-236-9425.

    You have to call them everyday and bug them. Never give up. I think this company has a high turn over of employees so we will always be talking to those who are in training. After calling for the last four years I can help them get to the information they need to look up and recited their rehearsed saying. I beat them to all information they ask to verify my account I have called up to four times a day to make sure they have inputted the prior call information discussed I think they know me will now and i have a flag on my account. I figured they could call me that many times and harass me I could call back and drive them crazy and know I exist I am not just an account.

    Also check this site out you can call and email them and let them know you are getting nowhere with Saxon.

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Saxon Mortgage Servicesprepayment ripoff

My husband and I re-mortgaged our home in 2006. Saxon bought the loan. My husband passed away in Aug 07. I requested that due to the unforeseen circumstances, they waive the 3 yr pre-pay penalty. I even asked for a discounted penalty since t here was only 10 months left. I had to move to cheaper place. We had made payments $2372. for 2+ years. I made ontime payments for a year after I moved from the house. They refused and I had to pay approximately $5000 before I could sell my house at a BIG loss. The company has no heart, no sense of being. I WOULD NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER AGAIN. I will be their worst advertisement nightmare telling everyone I meet about the bad business practices they have. I hope they lose their license. I wish them BAD loans! many foreclosures! Mistreated in TN.

  • Jp
    jpallen1977 Sep 12, 2008

    Saxon is owned by JP Morgan and took over operations in 2006. JP Morgan shutdown all operations of Saxon Mortgage in February due to the "credit crisis". You are actually talking to JP Morgan people when you call them. You are really wasting your time talking to these guys. The only way I was able to even get a call back from these clowns was by not making my payment. My loan first adjusted in June of 2007. I was barely making it with the adjustments the first year. That entire year I begged Saxon to do something to modify my loan, help me with a shortsale, anything. They do not care. I called them every week for one year. Then about three months ago it went up to 12%. I had a heart attack and decided to just let the house go. I am 31 years old (in good health) and had a heart attack because of this. I decided that if they do not want to work with me, I refuse to work with them. They are going to take a $150, 000 plus loss on my house when they foreclose on me. I tried, I really did but these guys do not care at all. Good luck.

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Saxon Mortgage Services — Predatory services!

I wish I had checked these guys out before I got mixed up with them. What Dirt Bags! Judging from what...

Saxon Mortgage Services — Scam and cheating!

They bought my mortgage and I sent the first payment to the old mortgage company. Now they are fining me $4K...

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