MontecasinO / drop off zone - boom closes on car

South Africa

Drop off zone Sunday 16th December 6:30pm.

I was dropping my daughter off to go to movies. On entering the drop off zone, the boom was held open for some time, the vehicle in front of me was stopped before entering and the boom was still open, it appeared that the boom was being held open, the vehicle in front entered, the boom was still open, we then proceeded into the drop off zone, no security was standing at the boom, we then entered and the boom closed on the roof of my vehicle. We then saw the security guard standing in front of the water feature well away from the boom.

We parked our vehicle and I go out and approached the security guard to take a photo on my cell to capture his name tag, the security guard then grabbed my cell photo, at the time my daughter saw what was happening and go out of the car and approached the security, telling him to release my hand with the cell in it, the security guard then grabbed my daughters arm and man handled her, at this I was in shock and guided my daughter away from him towards the entrance where there were other security guards, I asked to speak to a manager.

Shortly after Lawrence from Monte Casino came to speak to me, I explained what happened to him. I showed him the marks on the roof of my car.

The pic of the security guard shows him grabbing my cell and you can clearly see the remote in his hand to control the boom. Lawrence showed me the boom with the sign on saying one vehicle at a time however if the boom it up you cannot see the sign. Lawrence said that the security cameras will show what happened.

My husband is insisting that I lay a charge against the security guard. At no time should he have laid a hand on myself and especially not my 20year old daughter. My two nieces were also in the vehicle and are witnesses.

The security guard named Vincent needs to be held accountable.


Dec 17, 2018

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