Monster Gulfonline career services are a trap

K Jan 09, 2018 Review updated:

I paid $159 for a resume distribution service to monstergulf - keep this name: Aksa Begum (Aksa.[protected] and her team - to distribute my cv in the ME region. After I paid the money, there was no proper response to my mails. I didn't get any calls or mails from them and only 2 consultants or companies contacted me in more than 3 months.
I requested several times to get reimbursed with no success. I would definitively discourage anyone to deal with Monstergulf for their job search, even if they claim to get 80+% of success!
This was a total rip off!


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      Sep 09, 2018

    Same with me, it is a total scam and fraud service that only brings spam emails and fraud phone calls asking for money.

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