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If there is "LESS THAN ZERO" that would be my rating!

Record and remember these names:

Mohammed Omer

Mohammed Salman

Akhilesh Chauhan

These guys have made me looking to myself like a complete ###!

"Your CV will be sent to vast number of consultancies"

yes, it was send to the "vast number" of ppl, , but not a single one was some renowned consultancy as I had been told it would be, and particularly not from the GCC that is my primary area of interest since I've been working in the GCC for the last 8.5 years. And Omer knew that.

No, those companies were mainly Indian recruitment agencies, dozens of them. If I had wanted my CV to be sent to recruitment agencies I would have done it myself, like I've done zillion times before! It's a
matter of a few mouse clicks.

I should have known what kind of ppl I've been dealing with after my 1st call after we made a deal (STUPID, STUPID, STUPID ME!)

I asked this Omer guy has he sent my CV to the consultancy from the GCC as he promised me 2 weeks ago when we talked for the first time.
he gave me some plain lie like he was on training and he will send me the list in 2 hrs. nothing.
i send him another wassup same day at the evening, and he said he was away from work last 3 days (HE FORGOT THAT 6 HRS BEFORE MY 2ND WASSUP HE TOLD ME THAT HE WAS ON SOME TRAINING!!!).

I told Omer guy:
"Mr Omer, what you've done to me it's considered to be HARAM!!!"
Like he cares...

Where I'm coming from we know how to deal with ... ppl like this ###.
And again india is not too far from here... It would take me 30 mins to locate them. And one day I will...

Plain crooks, liars and extremely dishonest people!

May 03, 2017

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