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I purchased a complete Bmw 328 i Engine from the above-mention who advertised on Gumtree CAPE TOWN in 2008 from the owner Paul Toscano for the amount of R5000.00.My car is a 325i and ask Paul if the Engine would fit, he said he did many modification like this. I WAS promised THE CAR BACK after 3working days, which never happened.
My complaint is, it's been almost three years and my car is still in his possesion.In 2009 the Sherrif of the Courts issue me with a Warrant of execution on my belongings for storage fees which amount to R50 000
When i appeared in court, i explained my situation and the matter was stayed.The amount we agreed upon to have the engine fitted was R2500.00. He wants R3800.00 for fitting and i should tow my car away.The car is not running and can't even start.PLEASE COULD SOME ADVICE ME?

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  • Mo
      Mar 10, 2011

    I am the owner of the garage in question regarding this complaint:

    Mr Nazeem Isaacs purchased a used Bmw E36 328i BMW engine from me, in my personal capacity, from an advert I had placed in an independent newspaper. This newspaper (junk mail type paper) specializes in used vehicle sales and parts ranging from marine to aeronautical equipment and even farming implements, parts, household goods, furniture etc that are sold solely on a "voetstoets" (i.e. on an "as is basis") with no guarantee. The ads are placed by private and independent sellers country wide, for very reasonable, below average prices.

    Upon Mr Isaacs viewing the engine, and after lengthy discussions over such, he expressed an interest in purchasing the 328i engine and requested that Monaco Auto install the used engine to his vehicle as he had no equipment/tooling nor the expertise to undertake the engine exchange himself.
    After viewing the vehicle in question (purely from a cosmetic point of view) and against my better judgement, I reluctantly agreed to install the used engine. Once undertaking the work at hand I discovered that the vehicle had been previously involved in numerous accidents which had been badly repaired, leaving wiring, hydraulics, suspension, brakes and general safety items in serious need of attention, to the point of placing the safety of the driver, occupants and other road users at risk of severe injury (i.e. the vehicle was/is currently, not in a legal road-worthy condition).
    After advising Mr Isaacs of such, his instructions were to proceed with the engine exchange regardless of these faults.

    Upon his instruction, we then commenced with the removal of the existing damaged engine and the installation of the replacement engine and a lube service. In order to complete the job, Monaco attended to the replacement of numerous missing or stripped nuts, bolts, studs, washers etc and various other loan components. Many attempts were undertaken to rectify previous "make-shift" repairs to wiring in order to get the engine started and checked over. The starter motor was also in need of replacement so we utilized a loan starter motor and once this was done the vehicle was started and ran in an excellent condition until it reached normal operating temperatures (approximately 5 to 10 minutes) before the radiator started to leak coolant fluid. Shortly thereafter the vehicle suffered full electrical failure. Mr Isaacs was advised that engine management needed to be completely rewired and that the radiator and starter motor needed to be replaced or renewed in order for the engine replacement to be continued and completed. It was at this stage that he expressed that no further money was to be spent on the vehicle and he wished for the vehicle to be returned to him. I agreed that this would be a suitable (even thought the vehicle was not in a running condition) and I would arrange the invoice for the repairs done to date at a very reasonable rate. I presented Mr Isaacs with a R3500.00 invoice for the repairs to the radiator, replacement starter motor etc, and a reduced labor rate. Mr Isaacs refused to pay the invoice on the work undertaken as his point of view was that "He had driven a running BMW into my shop for repairs and now wanted a running BMW in return".

    After numerous discussions regarding the condition of his vehicle, the wiring and other factors extending from this, I could not return a running vehicle to him unless certain aspects were attended to. The option of seeking the opinion from the RMI (an independant arbitrator/mediator "ombudsman" for the motor trade) as to the condition of the vehicle, workmanship undertaken by myself as well the used engine exchange itself was not acceptable by Mr Isaacs leaving me no choice but to place the vehicle into storage and proceed with legal action in recovery of the outstanding debt.

    I approached the magistrate court to seek judgement for payment of the outstanding invoice and was granted such, for the capital amount, as well as awarded costs for storage of the vehicle. To date Mr Isaacs has yet to approach me with regards to a reduced settlement amount for this account nor has Mr Isaacs offered any resolution in resolving this matter. The initial amount is still outstanding as well as accumulating storage and legal fees amounting to a substantial amount. I am open to any form of negotiation regarding such as I wish to have this matter resolved. At no time did Mr Isaacs approach me or my legal counsel to request an amicable resolution to this matter.

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  • Mi
      Apr 22, 2011

    Sounds like Nazeem is trying to get out of paying his bill, people like him make honest consumers look bad!

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  • Pa
      Dec 30, 2015

    I am not surprised by Nazeems experience. I have heard countless stories about Monaco auto, including from friends, and they have become notorious in Cape Town for crooked business deals, shoddy workmanship, overcharging, cheated invoicing etc etc. Consumers need better protection from crooks like these. I strongly encourage all Capetonians to boycott this business as that is the only way we can stand up for ourselves. - Paul.

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  • Je
      Feb 20, 2016

    after reading many reviews on the internet about Manaco Auto by other people I do not feel the need to comment on your business the way you are commenting on mine Paolo Petro Toscano.
    I do not interfere with your business so please stop interfering with mine! You have nothing to do with my business so stop harassing me!

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  • Je
      Feb 20, 2016

    btw...the above comment by user paul102...was not us!!! we do not do that kind of thing! so please stop doing it to me

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