Model Mayhem / terrible customer service, they protect rapists and do not let some people join the site

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This site is dying and is not even liked by people in this industry for the most part. They are currently being sued in court for protecting rapists and knowingly withholding that information and continuing to allow those people to use the site and thus have more victims, while the admins play God against paying customers and kick out and block reputable users for silly reasons.

I was a high school graduate who wanted to try the site when I was 18, so while I had no professional photos I had shot myself yet I just posted some that I wanted to emulate, as well as some shots from my travels. Of course, according to their rules if you don't apparently have shots you yourself took of models they will not allow the profile. That's fine. The thing to do is convey that to the person politely and then allow them to rectify it at some point. Instead they were completely rude, did not adequately explain anything to me, and blocked my account from all future use, when I was only 18. Fast forward four years later as I forgot about it and got a college degree, and wanted to begin using the site again and this time I actually owned my own equipment and knew what I was doing and was ready to actually shoot professionally...I emailed them asking them why I can't use my profile and again...after 4 years of doing nothing wrong they rudely told me the same response in an email from 4 years before and said I could not use a profile with them. This was A. insane and B. Rude and C. in violation of their own terms of service which states they will allow someone 2x attempts for their profile to be accepted.

I then attempted to rectify the situation politely with them explaining the situation and how I am now an award-winning creative professional that did not understand the site when I was younger and have never had an issue with the law, a model, with my work, with anything in my entire life and they still not only refused me use of the site, but 3 different admins gave me curt and rude responses and would not change their stance or allow me to use the site.

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced from any website and completely changed my mind on this site. I then read about these other allegations they are facing as well as seeing other users having also received unfair treatment and I have learned that this is not a reputable business that I do NOT even want to be associated with now that I know the truth.

Just use craigslist and if you are a pro, PortBox and avoid Model Mayhem at all costs. There are undoubtedly rapists and criminals currently using their site who are probably some of these same admins who treat customers poorly, with attitude, and do not even allow upstanding citizens to use the site based on a minor issue years previous. Treating people this way, and with the current safety issues and hypocrisy means...your business will become extinct as people do not want to be associated with such a dubious and poorly run "service". People see the truth, they see when they are treated properly and well, and Model Mayhem is not it.

I am actually glad they treated me this way so that I learned of all this and can inform others about their terrible behavior and prevent other people from using such an untrustworthy and possibly even dangerous site.

Dec 04, 2016

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