Mittelwest German Shepherdsthey sell sick dogs

I have struggled with whether or not I should write this, but on January 28, 2015, I had to have my beloved German Shepherd put down he was only 7 years old. When we purchased him from Julie Martinez, he was 4 1/2 months old. My husband thought he was diligent in making sure that the puppy was coming from a reputable breeder and that he was healthy. From the moment we picked him up from the airport and brought him home he spun around and chased his tail to the point he actually bit the end off, he also sucked on his hips, we took him to the vets and was told it was anxiety. Over the next few years he became worse, he developed hip dysplasia, lost almost all of his hair due to what the vet said was a hereditary skin disease, developed bone spurs on his hips and spine, had prostate problems, still chased his tail and sucked his hips, was aggressive towards anyone who came anywhere near me, including my husband and kids as well as anyone who came into my home, and as the vet would say "not right in the head". I never contacted Julie because to be quite honest I didn't see the purpose, I knew I would not even consider returning him, and wouldn't want another defective dog from them any way, he had become "MY DOG", he never left my side, no matter what I was doing he followed me everywhere. Mittelwest offers a "lifetime guarantee" on their dogs and I honestly don't get it, we did not purchase an appliance or TV, you don't just return a dog that has become a part of your family! We did everything we could to help him, tried different meds, skin treatments, etc... He was a good dog that unfortunately was born in a terrible body. It just breaks my heart to know that they sell these dogs knowing they are not healthy and don't have them checked by a vet before selling them. On the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection it stated that he was "to young" for his vaccines and or treatments, he was 41/2 months old, seriously? Do they just think we are all idiots? My dogs suffering became more then he deserved and I was faced with the decision to have to put him down. I will never buy another German Shepherd from Mittlewest, but will instead spread the word that no one else should either. I have read so many complaints from other owners and don't understand why these breeders are still in business. They are greedy and don't really care what happens to these dogs once they leave the puppy mill. I am sure that out of the hundreds and hundreds of puppies that they sell there are a handful that are great, beautiful, healthy dogs, ours was not the case and I'm sure it wont be the last either. For those who will say "why didn't you contact the breeder" I will just say this, WHY? When we purchased our puppy we committed ourselves to him just as he did us, to love him, provide for him and take care of him, no matter what!! A refund or another dog would never be able to replace him or the love that we had for this poor sweet dog! He was my baby and deserved so much more then what he was faced with, we did our best to care for him and make his life as good as we could! Shame on you mittelwest for selling dogs you know are not healthy and have major issues and not giving two [censored]s about the effect it has on them and the new owners!

Feb 07, 2015

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