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Mittelwest German Shepherd / Promised Refund never received it

1 Bolingbrook, IL, United States Review updated:

Puppy born 1/29/09 sire Yasso vom Mittelwest dam Emily vom Mittelwest. Received puppy Wed 3/25/09 at approx 7 pm. Puppy ate minimal on Thurs was drinking water but had loose stools, ate minimal of Fri continued to drink water and have loose stools. I thought maybe some transition issues from being flown in. Ate two bites of food on saturday, hardly any water and continued loose stools, at this point I am starting to think this isn't from just travel or acclimating to a new environment, maybe worms? Sunday :vomitting ate nothing and no water. Called the Vet on Monday 3/30/09 also emailed Julie Martinez asking how the puppy ate while she was there She responds promptly, said the dog was fine but loose stool and vomitting is not good. So, Monday 3/30/09 vets sends pup to Emergency room where she is Diagnosed with Parvo and admitted. I had to pay $2400.00. Called Julie that night we agree to check in the next day. Paid $1500.00 for puppy and feel we deserve that money back given the condition of the dog. Rec voicemail 4/1/09 from Julie she agrees to refund purchase price. Then NOTHING, never called or emailed. Emailed her 4/17/09 she said she would refund after Seiger show in Illinois. I emailed her to say I needed refund asap and she ignored the email. I called her 4/22/09 to tell her I needed refund asap, she said she would refund $750 that day and the remainder the week after Seiger. This was over two weeks ago. No refund and no contact from her. Called her yesterday 4/6/09 and left two messages with no response. I could say nothing but good things about her even after the pup had Parvo her response time was great she agreed to stand behind the dog and issue a refund and I thought she was reputable. But now, it is shady that she does not return emails or phone calls and has not issued the refund that she promised almost 6 weeks ago. I does not take 6 weeks to refund money. Truly a disappointing experience. After the fact I found 3 reports about her on [redacted].com.

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  • Ca
      19th of Jul, 2009
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    Why did you not take the puppy to the Vet within the first few days, or the day after it was flown in ? You must have known that the dog was coming ? Most breeders require that you have your puppy Vetted within 48 hours of coming home rather they are shipped or picked up . I am so sorry you had to go threw this, Thankfully he will have lifetime immunity agianst this horrible illness.
    We bought 2 Mittlewest dogs ourselves, 2 years apart, no problem . They are Fantastic HUGE and Beautiful examples of the breed with even temperments and wonderful with all people animals and at sporting events etc. We are in California.

    I wonder where the parvo came from, You did not put the puppy down on the ground after first coming off the plane ? Who knows ... maybe it got it from the check up at the Vet health cert before it even flew in . If she aggreed to pay you back, but put you off she may just be too busy or overwhelmed with her daily duties to get right back to you - Breeders offten are already in the hole even after getting there whole litter sold.. give her time, she is a reputable breeder with fantastic dogs :)

  • Dj
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Listen to be completly honest, Julie Martinez is a bad breeder! There has been countless amounts of complaints about her breeding methods. Yes, Julie has SOME great dogs, but there is way to many cons then pros! I will NEVER buy a dog from Mittelwest, not to say i won't go to shows and see what she producing!

    What i dont understand is this, EVERYBODY that is getting screwed with defected dogs or any health problems, there's one easy solution!!
    SUE HER, every state has a lemon law pertaning to animals. The most a civil lawsuit will cost you is a filing charge of $100.

    Im tired of people complaining about her! yes she's corrupt, but who in business isn't? either stop buying dogs from her or take her to court, and trust me she will learn her lesson. *NOTE make sure you keep the contract you sign when u purchase a puppy from her.

    Gilbert Tinoco

  • Th
      12th of Jan, 2010
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    Hi Gilbert!

    So what's eating you now? Your message might carry more weight if you weren't an uneducated simpleton. Here's a suggestion: go back to eighth grade and learn to spell regular words. Start small, with words like 'completely' and 'pertaining, ' then go from there. Who knows, after years of study you might even learn something about grammar and punctuation!

    However, I must concede your point about all those "defected" dogs from Mittelwest-- what a tragic story that is, and you're so right: these poor animals should be on our side, and now they could be aiding terrorists in Yemen!!! Damn you traitorous Mittelwest, damn you!!!

    Tom Hansen
    Springfield, IL

  • Un
      26th of May, 2010
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  • Da
      9th of Jun, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I neglected to update this complaint, it is not a complaint anymore. My issue wasn't that the puppy had parvo, even the vet said that he wouldn't blame the breeder but a good breeder would not hesitate to refund in this situation. The issue was the lack of a response after I was promised a refund and I did receive half of the refund promised. i also found out the reasons for the lack of response. It turns out that Julie had been dealing with the death of two of her adult dogs at this same time and it was the Sieger show. Needless to say she was very busy. I have to agree with Caligirlsheshe...her dogs are AMAZING. My dog Daisy is an incredible dog. She went through training and thrived. Everywhere we go people ask about her because she is GORGEOUS. She is the best dog we have ever owned...ever. I would, without hesitation buy another dog from Julie. Her dogs speak for themselves. I don't know how she does it...but whatever she is doing with her breeding is working...I love my dog and recently sent Julie and email apoligizing for all this drama because truly, my mittlewest dog is everything I ever wanted in a dog and more.

  • Sd
      30th of Oct, 2012
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    Dog was to have shots before delivered to anyone! If you are the breeder it is your responsibly to see that all puppies have their first shots! Should have been vet checked before placing on a plane for transporting! You did the customer wrong! I was considering doing business with you, but not now !
    Stephen Martin
    Durham, NC

    Have owned shepherds for many years and shown also. Had a wonderful working shepherd for police work also.

  • Sd
      30th of Oct, 2012
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    Dis regard last msg. But, puppy should have had parvo shot several weeks before shipping and checked before shipping.

  • Sd
      30th of Oct, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Will look at their site now for possible puppy!

  • In
      3rd of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    To all of you that have such ugly comments to make. Why don't you go to Mittelwest personally. Then after you see the business, make a comment. Try a Saturday when training is in progress. Look around, get educated.
    I have had my GSD for 4years, bred her back to Yasso Vom Mittelwest, sold all 6 pups through Mittelwest and never had one complaint about the quality of the pups.

  • Ha
      20th of Nov, 2012
    -1 Votes

    i have a mittelwest dog he came to us sick with giardia had it twice has colitis, is on tylan powder for life, now he is 2 yrs old and has started limping may have cancer, mittelwest does not breed good quality dogs! its a puppy mill!

  • Ev
      24th of Oct, 2013
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    I LOST $3000.00 TO HER.

    Julie Martinez at Mittelwest German Shepherd sold me a puppy from Titan and Ola. When the puppy turned nine months old I took her to the vet because I saw that she was limping on her rear left leg. The vet determined that she had hip dysplasia. I spent $3000.00 for the dog and $375.00 shipping cost, and now she wants me to pay the shipping cost over again for the replacement dog being shipped to me. I don't think it is fair for me to pay the cost over again when I paid for it the first time in good faith hoping that I was getting a healthy dog. Her argument was if I go to NY five hundred miles from my home and buy a piece of furniture that was defected when I got home, I would have to return it to NY for the replacement. That I understand; but I paid $375.00 for shipping and I chose not to drive to IL. I feel that I shouldn't have to pay twice. And her boyfriend said that normally I would have to pay to send the lame dog back before I got the placement and pay for the healthy dog to be sent back to me also. It is not in writing on the website in her policy, and they act as if they are doing me a favor by telling me to keep the lame dog. I can't breed the dog, and she was only going to put it down when she saw how bad the dog's hip were after talking to the vet and seeing the ex-ray. Her hips were so bad that she will have to be put down at five or six years old if I don't spent thousands of dollars to give her an operation. So buyers beware. I put out a report on her and she has threatened not to send the replacement because of the report. I don't think that I want to spend $375.00 for another dog from her, because I will be getting another lame dog based on the negative reports all over the website about her business practice. I will cut my loses and be done with Mittelwest German Sherpherds. She can remove this and block me from her face-book page but she can't stop the warning I am going to give over the social media. She is money hungry and she thinks everyone else is dumb and she is the only smart ###.
    I will be reposting all over youtube, facebook and google theses links making people aware.

    Read the last one, same problem I have with the shipping cost. She wants me to pay over again.

  • Mi
      27th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    My Breeder, John Newbill, has a small family run kennel and if I am not mistaken, has begun to use Mittlewest Kennels for some of his breeding efforts. You WILL NOT FIND a breeder with more integrity than John Newbill. My current GSD, Vom Besten Boscoe, is 6 years old, and even now, John Newbill will take my calls, emails and continue to educate, promote, answer any questions I might have concerning my Boscoe. There is no way that John Newbill would risk his years of experience and his German Shepherd breeding program with Mittlewest, if they were not stellar.

    It is my opinion, the better the bloodline of the breed, the very select high end animal, you are going to experience specific health issues, some worse than others, some not at all. Prepare for it, budget for it, and deal with it. Most high end breeders work extremely hard through research, experience, personal knowledge and gut feelings to breed specific blood lines to ensure quality. If they are successful, then comes the quantity as a result of all of us wanting their animals, and who would not want one?

    It truly disturbs me that any of us, that go to great lengths to secure one of these stellar animals, would end up with one that has an issue, but it does happen, and it is not out of breeder neglect or greed, it is called life. After one day with a John Newbill or Mittlewest Kennel GSD, the bond has been made, and how anyone can return the dog, not accept their part of the risks when they buy one and treat it as their own child, is beyond me.

    If the "dog" was purchased as an investment, to make money in some form or fashion, then prepare to experience the same treatment from YOUR future customers as this thread displays. I considered becoming a breeder in an effort to share the joys that come with ownership, but discovered I would not be able to sell any of my puppies, I would keep them all, and provide for them before I'd spend a dime on most humans.

    Mike Asbra

  • Ah
      26th of May, 2015
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    I have a GS we bought from mittlewest on 09/13/08 before I get attacked for making a complaint about mittlewest I want to say we love our GS very much and she is a beautiful looking dog, but she was diagnosed with a heart condition of which we informed Julie about and she said "That's strange it hasn't happened in any others from that litter" also our GS has multiple cysts, she has "clouds" form in in her eyes which if we don't put in the medicine she will go blind, and her hips are starting to go out. A place that calls themselves a premiere GS breeder and has a dog turn out like mine should be ashamed of them self.
    On another note we got another GS from my bodyguard German shepherd and he is a show quality dog and has no health defects. Julie Saso (the breeder) has a nice operation and is extremely friendly. Contact her if you want an actually good and healthy German Shepherd.

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