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MiniPurrs / I paid for my kitten and she never delivered her or refunded my money

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Please whatever you do, research, research, I bought a kitten from Cher at MINIPURRS..the kitten was injured in her care and she would not send the vet reports to me or my vet. I paid for my kitten and she never delivered her or refunded my money. Also read http://minipurr.experience.googlepages.com/ Danielle who wrote the article did get her kitten but had a HORRIBLE experience and huge vet bills. CHER has NEVER returned Danielle's calls either... I can document my experience and Danielle's. Danielle has visited one of the original "Mini-Persian catteries and highly recommends them. www.miniisle.com... they are located in Long Island, NY. I don't know if they ship overseas. Good luck, but remember pictures can be altered on websites. The breeders have the upper hand, they get your money up front and then you are at their mercy to get your kitten. My husband bought Gracie for me as a Christmas present. Gracie had to have her toe amputated while under Cher's care, I still wanted Gracie but CHER would not send the vet reports. She wouldn't answer e-mails or phone calls.


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  9th of Sep, 2008
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When will people realize there is no such thing as a miniature Persian. What they are getting is an animal purposely bred to be freakishly small with a higher risk of health issues. Check the Cat Fancier's Association website. Read the Persian Breed Standard. There is no mention of a miniature Persian because there is no such thing. It's a marketing ploy used by disreputable breeders to sell their undersized runt animals at grossly inflated prices.

Yes, pictures can be altered. That is why it is so vital to buy from a breeder you have established a relationship with IN REAL LIFE. Buying an animal, any animal, on the basis of what is posted to a website is a sure and certain way to have your heart broken and lose money.
  14th of Dec, 2009
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The cat I got from "Minipurrs" arrived sick and was very obviously neglected.

-One of his eyes was completely gummed up so badly that fur had grown over it. It took alot of washing and coaxing to open that eye.
-His white fur was stained yellow. After several washings over time his fur was still yellow and had to be cut.
-He arrived with ringworm.
-He did not know how to use the litter box and was afraid to get in it at first (sounds like he had a bad litter box training experience)
-He needed to be on a special food diet because of his digestive problems.
-My vet did not think the cat had ever been to vet before I took him.

- I was taken by the idea of a mini cat, but it is true that miniature cats to not exist, so don't beleive the hype!
- Beware of breeders and know who you are buying your cat from! There are lots of kitten mills and scammers out there!
- After alot of vet visits and medication my kitty is doing just fine. I am happy to know that, even though it cost me 3x what a purebred anywhere else would have cost, I saved my kitten from a horrible place.
  25th of May, 2010
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Hi- This is MiniPurrs,

We take our Kittens very seriously. We were in touch with Gracies parents continually. We did receive a non-refundable deposit and held her all the way through the Christmas season 2007 and turned down several other buyers. Gracies parents were dealing with cancer in one of their older cats and asked if we would hold Gracie another month or two until things were normal again.

What could we say? We said yes and asked for no compensation. However, during this period, Gracie got her toe snagged in the middle of the night and when we found her in the morning we took her to the vets, notifying her new parents on the way. (Also two additional phone calls while there.) Our vet deemed it necessary to remove the injured toe. After a couple of weeks Gracie was as good as new.

MiniPurrs happily paid the vet costs of $600 related to this accident and felt we had done our part. The new parents felt they were now receiving damaged merchandise and demanded a 50% discount. We did offer a $200 discount which they refused.

MiniPurrs held Gracie for one full year, giving this family every oppertunity to pay the balance owed and take possession, which the never would do.

Gracies parents during that year made a chargeback on the nonrefundable deposit and Minipurrs chose not to drag things out any further.
  6th of Aug, 2010
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August 6, 2010

Cher has a minipaw for sale now for 2400.00. It was first for sale for 1800 to a man who could not pay that much. She told me I could purchase for 2, 000.

I asked for pictures, and Cher has constantly given me a run a round about too many family problems to take a picture. I have been in touch with her for over a two months, sent many emails, and phone calls to no avail.

She has time to do family functions, but not take 5 minutes in 2 months to send a picture.

Cher said over a month ago she would send a picture and if I liked the kitten it would be mine. She raised the price to 2, 000, stating it was the only one.

When I phoned and wanted at least one picture, she was very curt and rude, and told me I should get a cat elsewhere. However, I told her I still wanted the kitten...if she would just send a picture. She refused again to send a picture.

She now has the same kitten listed for 2, 400. Or 400 more than my price.

I sent her an email demanding why my promised kitten was now up for sale, and now not 2, 000 but 2, 400 dollars. Naturally, she never responded to my email. The site lists my kitten, but STILL DOES NOT HAVE THE PICTURE ON IT.

We had several phone calls, and she told me that they owe 8, 000 in taxes.

Cher was going to keep the minipaw. I called her only two days after she was born. I phoned back when the kitten was older, and Cher wanted to keep her for breeding. About 2 weeks later I phoned again, and she said for 2, 000 she was mine, that they needed money for taxes.

She wants more money and that is why the price went up from 1, 800 to 2, 000, which we both agreed to as the final price.

In conclusion, I wouldnt trust Cher, as she has stiffed me out of a kitten she promised was mine around two months ago.

I have emails confirming that she would take a picture, and send a contract once I saw the kitten. Never sent picture, never answered my email as to why she has the same kitten ..but now 400.00 more. She is just trying to get more money is her reason.

So anyone who buys this minipaw is buying a kitten which Cher promised me first choice, if I still wanted her after a picture was sent.
  6th of Aug, 2010
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here is my last email sent to Cher on 7.29, 2010 with no response as of Aug. 6, 2010

July 29, 2010


When we spoke in May, you stated you were going to keep Patches, the minipaw. We talked on June 21, 2010, you told me that I had first choice ., she was 2, 000. and then 375.00 for shipping. And you would send pictures, and if I liked her..she was mine. Then you would send a contract.

Because of family problems, I am still waiting for the pictures.

I see now that on your updated site, you have relisted her for 2, 400. But when you click on her name, no picture pops up.

Our last conversation, all I wanted was the pictures which you said you would send, I did not say I definately did not want her. Still need to see what she looks like of course.

Why have you relisted her with a price of 400.00 more.

Please either phone or email me regarding this issue.

name witheld for privacy
  6th of Aug, 2010
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minipurrs lists a minipaw kitten is 1, 600.00
was going to sell to a buyer before me for 1, 800
told me 2, 000, but wanted more money. I never told her I wanted out of our contract, which she promised me first choice, and didnt honor

  23rd of Apr, 2011
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I bought a white micro...the kitten looked like it was well taken care of, however, severe tear stains that were not in pictures as they use peroxide to bleach for pictures. The "micro" gained weight so it ended up being a teacup size. They did not disclose the tear stain problem. They were very cooperative however and seemed genuinely concerned for kitten. If you are considering a light coloured kitten, then most likely will have tear stains that you cannot remove as common in persians. The kittens are a "small" version of a regular sized cat so about half the size. The pictures are taken of the kittens when small so don't ezpect that they fit in the palm of your hand.
  27th of Apr, 2011
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Hi, This is John at MiniPurrs,
Concerning our MiniPaw Patches,
We did have a family crisis. I love my Mom and I almost lost her. We have schedules that ensure every kitten and cat are guaranteed the precious love, attention and care that will blossom into the very best they can be. The shared load at home and office was on me as Cher took care of Mom at Mom and Dad's home & the hospital. When I posted Patches, her value was $2400. She was very rare, and I was unaware of any verbal conversation promising Patches for less, there was no paperwork, emails, no written agreement and no deposit was made. I did receive many calls from Sylvia asking for pictures. I told her that with my work load, I was sleeping 3 to 4 hours a night. Pictures were low priority. When I could find time to take them, she could see them first. On Aug 9, 2010 I sent the following email that included Patches' first pictures:
( beginning of email)_________________________________
Mon, August 9, 2010 5:12:37 PM
Re: minipaw calico female for sylvia knezevich des moines, iowa June 21, 2010
John Simnitt [Chat now]
View Contact
To: sylvia knezevich

patches.zip (1885KB)
Hi Sylvia,

This is John at MiniPurrs,

Cher is still spending most of her time with my Mom and Dad (early eighties) getting her in and out of bed, feeding both of them and caring for all of their immediate needs.

I just took pictures today and am attaching them to this email. We still are compelled to keep patches, who is one of a kind at this date, with true Persian build on short little legs. She is the next step for we have worked on for so long. These moms produce one kitten at a time. Could we get another like her in the near future? That is the question we keep asking ourselves. It may take a couple more years. So we have set her at 2400 and will keep her if she does not get placed.

We are sending you the pictures before anyone else sees them.

John at MiniPurrs!
_____________________________________(end of email)
(There was also mention of taxes; we were preparing for extra taxes incurred for having to withdraw money early out of our Pension plan.)
We received only 2 emails from Sylvia. July 29th (above) and one on Aug 9th- a reply saying she would not be purchasing Patches for 2400.
John at MiniPurrs.
  5th of Sep, 2011
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Hi guys,
I hope all of you get a chance to listen to my story as i have recently bought a kitten from Cher and John. My kitten cost me 1600$ the transaction went well although when i received my kitten she had RING WORM!!! ALL OVER! i my self had to pay for the vet visits and medicine for my kitten.I did inform Cher of the situation and she did nothing to help me. ALSO MY CAT IS IN NO WAY MINIATURE.
. She just turned a year old and weighed in at 11 pounds!!! She is not obese either. I also requested pictures of the parents and never recieved them, i kept getting excuses of why she couldnt take one second to snap a picture.i guess that should have been a warning sign. So if you are some one who is interested in buying a cat from these scammers i recommend u go some where else. you can buy a regular full bread Persian for 300$. Or go save a cat! I saved my other cat we have and she is just as wonderful as the one i paid for.
  24th of Apr, 2012
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I also bought a kitten from Cher & John. Ringworm, huge vet bills and kitten weighs almost 9 pounds. Not happy. Would not recommend.
  27th of May, 2012
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Bought a "micro" Persian from Minipurrs. She is white...picked her up from airport...had terrible tear stains which are not in pics as they use peroxide for the pics - also FULL of ear mites. A micro is supposed to weigh in btw 3-4 lbs...she's a year and a half and weighs in at 7lbs so I'm guessing a Teacup sized. I must say that I have no regrets as she has the cutest personality ever..I love her dearly...she seemed happy when I got her and she is very cuddly. She reminds me of a messy little girl in a dress...her eyes are always stained brown beneath her eyes and will get crusty stuff which I have to use anti inflammatory meds for her. Her ears and paws will also be slightly yellow as she rubs her eyes sometimes and then her ears when cleaning herself - so she looks messy. I had to bring her to vet 3 times to treat ear mites. There is nothing to do about the eyes but try to clean them to reduce the "red" stains to a more light brown.
  23rd of Mar, 2013
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I bought my kitten from Minipurrs a couple of years ago. I received a "deal" on my "micro" kitten, therefore, regular $2200.00 as its the smallest kitten out of the sizes. I paid $1000.00 US. She was supposed to be "micro kitten" never larger than 3.8 - 4 lbs...she's 7.5 lbs. and most importantly came with Feline viral rhinotracheitis. She was diagnosed with it after a year or so as Cher advised me that all Persians have "tear stains". The pics of course did not have any so when I picked her up at airport I thought she had an eye infection. At that time, there were no lesions visible. Her eyes became worse where she couldn't open them at times, I took her to the vet again, that's when the vet advised that she had Feline viral rhinotracheitis, conjunctivitis, lesions (herpes) in her eyes and that it came from the cattery. It is highly contagious between cats. My older 13 yr old cat now has this virus as well who has never interacted with other cats she's an indoor cat. She became ill about a year to year and half after I received my minipurr. My little one has a hard time breathing properly as does my older cat now. Minipurrs are "small" cats not miniature...I love her and don't regret her...but you don't know what you're going to get. I would suspect that many cats have the virus that were purchased from Minipurrs. This virus is not curable and can lead to death in older cats and kittens. It’s a pulmonary disease like pneumonia. If your cat sneezes a lot, breathing is difficult, like a cold all the time...you should check it out.
  23rd of Mar, 2013
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Sorry I don't know what all those weird symbols are with my message above. Hope you understand it.
  24th of Jul, 2013
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Minipurrs is absolutely terrible. Cher is a huge liar. I called for a cat and she told me it was on hold for someone but to check back to see if the potential buyer paid. I checked back and she told she had not heard from them but that she liked me and would sell him to me. I was so excited. Then she called me and told me I could not have him as the first buyer did want him and they had a contract. This seemed like a lie but she said she had a kitten that was just born in the same color and she would Keep him for me and send me pictures when I wanted. But to no surprise when I asked for pictures they never came. I think they breed kittens and they suffer in a filthy environment with rampant disease. The only reason to do business with these people is it save these poor neglected and abused kittens.
  24th of Sep, 2013
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I wish the state of California would send a representative to this cattery, and I bet the conditions would cause the cattery to shut down. Not trustworthy at all, and makes excuses.
  5th of Dec, 2013
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I am going to try make this short and to the point... Minipurrs are AWFUL people... I have adopted 2 kittens, back in June 2013. big mistake. they came completely covered in RINGWORM!!! they are still not rid of it either! they have lived in a bathroom guaranteed off from the rest of the house for 6 months now!! I have spent thousands of dollars on vet bills and medicines and shampoos. not to mention the time cleaning my house and throwing out my own belongings as they were contaminated as well. Cher and John had the nerve to tell me I gave them ringworm!!! the little guy came with next to no hair because he was already sooooooo sick. both of my kittens were completely covered in the red sores. I truly hope noone buys from them ever! I won't wish this experience on my worst enemy. Myself, boyfriend and neighbour all got ringworm from them. I am building a lawsuit against them. I have contacted the police about this issue and they clearly stated that the conditions at this cattery are unfit. They were made to downsize and get rid of the BIRDS they had there! eww. but that is not enough I can only think of these poor animals.

  25th of Apr, 2014
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you are so right ring worm infested...I have two kittens at home same thing .. bought from john and Cher...They
are not trustworthy...
  25th of Apr, 2014
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I do not understand why California does not do more to regulate catteries and kennels. This is an ongoing problem, and there are many unethical breeders that have no business breeding. So sad.
  30th of Apr, 2014
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Had to have both of my kittens put to sleep...they were so sick...one
had such a bad stomach problems...mites in ears ...ring worm..
so the vet said to have them put to sleep...omg my mom just
passed away and now this...I am so sick John and
Cher are the Biggest Liars...Mini Purrs ring worm infested

these people are the worst...
  29th of Dec, 2014
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I bought my kitty from them in March of 2014. He is an exotic short hair, supposed to be a micro. He is over a year old and now weighs 8.5lbs. My whole family and some neighbors, got ringworm from our kitten. He still has it today 12/29/14. We are now trying a different kind of medicine. I emailed Jon about the kitty having ringworm and I never got a reply. I would not recommend buying from them.

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