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I sure wish I saw this website before trying the "free offer". Now where does it say you must return the product or pay 69.71. I thought I was getting a chance to find a great new product to use. I did not. What I got was false advertising, mis-representation, overdraft check fees and a bad taste in my mouth. Nowhere on the offer does it state you will be charged if the "free trial" is not returned. (Which by the way you are not refunded shipping and handling and you are responsible for paying to ship it back). I have closed that account in order to keep any other charges from incurring on my bank account. I hope we can get this company shut down!

SJG- DeFuniak Springs, FL

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  • On
      Apr 08, 2009
    minerals by eden - over charging
    1610 Bunn St
    United States

    I ordered the free trial for shipping cost and I have just found out they have charged my charge account for the full price.
    When I saw that it was auto ship I email the company and cancelled any membership with auto ship. I emailed them right after i got the product, yet they are still putting charges on my credit card account. They emailed me back told me that they had cancelled that membership and auto ship. What can I do?

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  • Si
      Sep 11, 2009

    I agree. This company is NOT to be trusted. I hope no one else falls for their scam. They give you a 10 day window to try the product but it takes 8 days to receive the makeup. So you basically have 1 day to try it out decide if you like it or not and immediately call customer service.

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