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My Name is Michelle Sarlie. I worked at Milpark Hospital in the Milpark Radiology INC Department, Practice Manager- Brett Sher.
I was appointed at Milpark Radiology INC- effective on the 2nd of October 2016- i worked under a senior employer named Desiree Dwyer- who sat directly me. I cannot really tell when the harassment and victimization started, but it became daily task of enjoyment to her by screaming at me, belittling me, swearing me in front of the other staff members in our Department. Due to this going on, on a daily basis it caused me to fall ill which almost led me on two occasions of having a stroke. After my 3 month probation, was over i thought i had secured a permanent position, she was then moved from her office to have more close interaction with the staff on a daily basis. This led to the detriment of her watching what i was doing, If i had to go to the ladies i was supposed to ask whether it was fine for me to leave my desk. Several staff members was asked to sit with me and i was told to do my work the way they do theirs. If i did it the work one person who sat with me was doing it for two days she would get frustrated and always, scream at me even to the point where i was sworn at. This became the norm in the office environment and in fear of it getting worse i was afraid of laying a grievance against her- as it led me to believe that what i was exposed to would get worse. There was a lady working there before me and she was treated the same way and resigned within 3 months of having gone through the same treatment i went through. I am a single mother of 2 a son who currently in his his last year and will be finishing school this year- my son fell ill with Bronchitis which was the first time that i had actually taken off more than a day, upon my return the screaming, yelling and belittling became worse, my mom had also fallen ill due to breast cancer and it was not malignant. Two months after my uncle died of lung cancer but i could not attend as my daughter fell ill with measles and there was a lady who was expecting at the time in our office. Not wanting any danger to her condition i had to look after my daughter. This made Desiree more aggravated towards me and every single thing irritated her she would take her frustration out on me. My reason for this mail is the fact that i brought it under the Practice Managers attention on 3 occasions and it just became worse. On return from my falling ill as i was called into Mr Sher's office and told that he cannot handle her screaming anymore so he is giving me a choice, i either resign and give a month's notice or i go up against him in a hearing and "he never loses in a hearing" i couldn't understand what was going on as there is not even a HR department to which we can go. I opted to stay and on the return of my sick leave i was called into the boardroom and told that i was placed under immediate suspension and a hearing will take place on the 11th of August 2017, where i was dismissed for poor conduct of work and bringing the company into disrepute. This for me was premeditated as not once was i issued with a verbal warning- nor a written warning. I was not protected by our Manager Brett and i asked on several occasions for him to move me as my health was deteriorating due to the screaming of everything i did. It recently came to my attention that in the same department and due to the person not wanting to be called out told me that she had started screaming at another staff member and he reported her to the partners where from there 2 resignations was handed in and was declined. I had no one to represent me in my hearing as they all feared that they would be targeted next. I was literally thrown out of the office when i was told that i am being suspended by Desiree Dwyer as if i had stolen something. I went to the CCMA and they advised me that they would need the letter of dismissal. If the Practice manager can turn a blind eye, to the extent of abuse I was going under, as my manager he was supposed to have protected me under the constitutional right of employees being bullied to an extent that i was worked out of the position I am in. On the day of the hearing Brett went to the staff upstairs and advised them that he will might need to call them in to testify against me. How can one work in an environment where one is constantly being screamed at and that caused me to make errors which was not to the disrepute of the company. The influence that Desiree has on the staff members there is- if it is not done my way then you're out, and i was the meek and the mild one and suffered everyday as everyone she came into contact with, made me look incompetent when i don't know- slavery was abolished many tears ago and even Mr Nelson Mandela was never screamed at every minute and asked how far I am and what am i doing now. I am asking that as Netcare who is a Provider to so many paying members of medical insurance- how can one women destroy so many lives by being so rude that i was in tears every single day. Staff members warned me that she wants to work me out, now is that not confidential matter. Everyone in the office except for one lady that was also off ill in the same week when i was and returned on the same day probably didn't know what was going on. this will be taken as far as the National Credit Act against abuse in a working environment . I plead and ask that you please look into the matter as one day i was supposed to do my work this way according to her and the other another way- I was never able to find myself and work out a structure that will work for me as she continuously changed how she wanted me to do my work, which is unethical as each person works differently. I Beg that you look into the matter as abuse in such form is against the law of the Employment Equity act and i was never protected even though i brought it under my managers attention and his words was she will go nowhere unless something is going to be done or an investigation will be put under way.

Michelle Sarlie

Sep 18, 2017

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