Michael Wayne Investments / stealing money

Richmond, VA, United States

I have been in the hospital for 2 and half months. My son had been taking care of my car payments. He got behind and the car was turned off. He made a payment that day which was supposed to turn the car back on. Car NEVER came back on. Car was towed the following Monday to Auto Connection. Strangely they got the car to start. But told him the fuel pump was bad. (So how did you get the car to start if fuel pump was bad car wouldn't have started). Then they want me to pay another 190 in order to have payment defered. But the last 190 paid car never started again. On top of that they financed 701 for repairs when it was only 201 and would have let it go if I had not caught it. Barrett Hamilton who is supposed to be over Michael Wayne Investment is a crook and is very rude and liar. And Kevin Thompson who is supposed to be Barrett boss won't call back until you keep calling him and then he won't look at the mess up that his people cause. I can't wait to go to court in front of the judge. This is the funny part they say all calls are recorded but why because when you ask them to go listen to a call it's always we only keep them 30 to 60 days. I will be filing bankruptcy

Jun 23, 2017

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