Michael Hill Internationalsilver bowline knot bracelet

In March some friends of ours purchased 2 of the above bracelets for my husband and I for our Golden Wedding.
These bracelets meant a great deal to us but unfortunately we have had no end of trouble with both of them.
The bracelets have been replaced several times s the catches have proven faulty and the bracelets kept coming undone. They have both actually split by the side of the knot.
The staff at Rocking ham have been very good and have replaced them for us. They have written to you also regarding this matter. We were told that these bracelets were not meant to be worn daily, . That is absolute rubbish. We do not buy jewelry to have sat in a box that we are to nervous to wear.I t is obviously not serving the purpose it was made for.
We are truly dissatisfied with this product. Due to having several replacements and still the problem exists we would like a credit note for the full value of both these products.
We look forward to your reply asap.
If we are not happy with your answer we will take this matter further as we have noticed that on your web site we are by far not the first people to complain about your products.
Obviously there is a fault with this product that needs to be rectifier urgently.
these bracelets were not cheap and we expect value for money and first calls service from reputable jewelers.
Kind regards
Elaine Dance

Dec 09, 2018

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