MHC-RV6 / Repair of my Sony Music System MHC RV6, 3 disc changer


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The Admn.Department
SONY Corporation

Dear Sir,
Sub: Repair of my Sony Music System MHC RV6, 3 disc changer

I the undersigned purchased the above Music system from your authorized dealer M/s. ARCEE Electronics, Chadda Crescent, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400 705 on 21.4.2003 (Purchase Invoice No. 47539 dt. 21.4.2003) for Rs. 22, 904/-. During the Warranty period I already completed all our services, but after that once I faced a problem with IC. I changed the same with our own cost of Rs. 3, 000/-. But recently I got faced a problem with my music system and I contacted your Authorized Service Centre at Shop No.F1/11, Sector-5, Vashi, , Navi Mumbai (Tel.No. [protected]) Email address [protected] They came and collected my above music system from my apartment on 31.7.2010. During collection time they give us their quotation for Rs. 3, 200/- for repairing charges. But after 2 weeks I contacted your service centre, they gave me another quotation which is costing around Rs. 11, 000/ because some major part in the music system was damaged.

2. In view of the above, I told him to not to repair the system, because paying 11000/- is not worth now a days.

3. For this, they have taken one month. Alternative days I am contacting by telephone, but they are making late excuses. I told him to bring the system back, but they are just making excuses . At last I decided to bring my system of my own which costed me Rs. 500/- actually which was not my business.

4. I purchased Sony because of your companies reputation and I trusted Sony very much, but due to this incident I just tell all my colleagues about this problem, which is very shameful. Because I purchased the sony system and also contacted your own service centre for the better service, if it was like this I would have been given my system to a local service centre which would have been easy for me as well as they might have been repaired properly in a small amount. But I would like to tell you one thing that if anybody comes with their system for repairing in your authorized service centre please behave with their systems because our system was fully scratched while bringing back and we told the same to the Manager of the above mentioned service centre.

5. I would like to request you to please replace my system or repair my system according to the present valuation of the system.

Thanks and regards,



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