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MG Services / Nothing but a thief!

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Wanted to warn people of doing business with mg services of cincinnati ohio. The supposed ceo's name is willie glaspy and he is nothing but a crook.

He came to my home to repair a leak on my dishwasher and basically poked at the door seal seam with his finger for a minute (there were no tools involved nor new parts), claimed it was repaired and demanded his money. He was also overly talkative and friendly which i fear was a tactic to disarm and distract me. I left a message on his answering machine the next morning when i discovered that the leak was still there and he never called back. He was paid to do nothing which proves that he is nothing but a thief.


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  • Wa
      11th of Jun, 2016
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    So after living in my house for 3 years, I am still experiencing problems that MG Services "fixed.' I purchased my house from a realtor that (I was told) uses this guy a lot... BECAUSE HE'S CHEAP. My neighbors told me the guy that lived in it before me was a slob and the house was really worn out, but when I bought it it looked fantastic! Then I started living in it and saw how all the damage was "fixed." Mostly, he just painted over problem areas.

    1) The bathroom has a lot of water damage that started to show through the paint within a week of using the shower. We had no rain during that week, so I know it was there before I moved in. They had replaced some drywall, too, and didn't prime it, so you can see exactly where they taped the drywall.

    2) They used really old, or dried out drywall mud because a lot of the tape is peeling from the walls - especially in the garage.

    3) When they painted, they used an spray gun, and obviously didn't know how to use it. The wall has a fine powder of paint on it that when you rub your hand on it, it comes off on your hand. This means they held the sprayer too far away from the wall and some of the paint dried before it was on the wall and coated it with dried paint. This leaves a nasty run in the bathroom where excess moisture collects on the walls and makes it streak down the wall. They didn't mask anything off in the garage when they sprayed, either, because they got paint in the garage door rollers and tracks, so the garage door squeaks hideously. They also got paint IN the garage door motor which has caused it to short out occasionally. They also sprayed over the electric eye that keeps the door from closing on you - now the door occasionally won't close or open because it thinks something is in the way.

    4) When they hooked up the new water heater, they mixed up the cold/hot lines so all the sinks are backwards. In the downstairs bathroom, they put on hoses that were too short to cross (essentially switching the hot/cold feed so it would work normally), so they just left this and peeled the red/blue sticker from the faucet and turned it upside down. The bathtub just works backwards.

    5) They installed a cheap air conditioner that I have had problems with since day one. I called Mike Guthrie (MG Services) about it and he simply replied that the new thermostat I put it was the problem and that's why it won't work. I told him that "it worked for about a week, now it doesn't blow cold air - that's not a thermostat problem." But he was sure that I was the incompetent one and he'd look at his schedule to come out. ONE WEEK LATER I was tired of sitting in 90 degree heat and called a REAL professional. They fixed it - it was a leak in the line. They I had to get someone again - another leak. Then again - the electrical box wasn't replaced (it was installed in 1984) when the A/C unit was replaced and the wires melted. Then again, and again, and again. I had a total of 5 visits from 3 different companies that would fine new problems with the install.

    6) When they remodeled the downstairs bathroom, they drywalled over a water pipe in an exterior wall (a code violation), and the didn't even insulate it. That winter, it froze and burst causing $5000 damage to my basement. When I remodeled the bathroom, it really made me realize what a substandard job this guy really does. That bathroom is the nicest room in the whole house.

    7) when they worked on the bathtub, they disassembled the overflow drain to try to clean it up and put new fixtures in (I know this because the fixture in it was new, and TOO SMALL to fit. When they were working on that, they broke the overflow pipe. When my wife went to take a bath, the water flooded down through the walls and into the garage.

    8) They "painted" the garage floor. It looked nice and new. They didn't prepare the concrete or seal it, and the paint is all peeled up.

    I don't know who is worse - MG Services or the realtor who continues to use them. I had money put in escrow to repave my driveway. MG Services was going to do it for $1000 less than the other 2 companies. Needless to say I went with Cincinnati Concrete. The driveway and the bathroom I remodeled is the only part of my house that is still in one piece.

    DO NOT use this guy and DO NOT trust him.

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