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1 Pittsburgh, PA, United States Review updated:

If you ever need to return an item to METROSTYLE, save your money, time and energy and just keep it! I ordered two items from metrostyle.(boots & dress) I had a buy one get one free code and deferred billing. I returned the dress in exchange for a smaller size and I immediately got charged the original shipping charges even though I was on deferred billing. Then, when I called to check on when I would receive my exchange, I was told that it was no longer available in no other size or color. I guess there goes my BOGO deal. They said that I would just get a bill for the boots in 60 days on deferred billing. Well, I got an email stating that exchange dressed was shipped and I was immediately charged 69.99 for the dress. I called METROSTYLE and inquired why I was told that the dress was no longer available, but then they still shipped it and why did they charge my card when I was on deferred billing. Well, I was told that the item was not actually shipped because it was cancelled. I asked them to explain the shipped item email that I just received and the charge to my credit card. They could not explain. I asked to talk to a manager and I was told that managers do not speak with customers. I could not speak with a manager. I thought that was the most ridiculous thing that I ever heard in the world. She just gave me the number to their collections department and told me to call them about my refund. The refund department said that they could not help me because they only handle collections. I am so frustrated and pissed off. I feel like I have no where to turn. I feel so ripped off. I sincerely hate Metrostyle now. I will never ever never order from them again. This is all over a simple return. They truly have a bunch of idiots running the whole mail order department. Please, do not make the same mistake as I did. If you have a return, you will be better off keeping it!!!

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  • La
      9th of Dec, 2011
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    I placed an order with Metrostyle and never received it. I have called customer service several times and I got nothing but music. I once waited on hold for an hour and the music continued to play. I emailed customer service and never received a response. I did not realize that there was a problem with this company until to late. Once I realized that that they did not refund me for one of my most recent purchases, I went back and checked my charge account to see if they had refunded me for other returns that I made in August and September 2011 and nope, they did not. So to sum it up, they have charged me for an item I never received and they have not refunded my returns. My dilemma is that I continued to purchase from their sister company, Chadwicks, without realizing that the empire had gone under and I need to make several more returns that I am afraid to send back. Needless to say I will be closing my account with this company and will be taking steps to get my money back. They have lost a loyal, long-time customer!!

  • Et
      15th of Sep, 2012
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    MetroStyle - The ups and downs using credits that I have with them and how rude the employees can get
    500 Bic Drive, Bldg 4
    United States
    Phone: 1-877-327-1328

    I have been with Metrostyle for a long time. This following year has been HELL for me dealing with this Company. The employees are Rude and so is some of the Managers. I called one day and this young lady told me that she was the Manager and in the end after really speaking to the real manager that employee was not a Manager. I called back days later and got the same lady and told her that she is not a Manager and she didn't have much to say.
    I have a I had a credit of $109.98 and I called and order a dress and used some of the credit and was left with $46.98. Then I called and placed another order and I asked to use the balance of the credit which was $46.98 and I was told that she used that credit towards the order. After about a few weeks I received two letters, one from Metrostyle and one from Chadwick which they both are with each other but seperate and the letter states that I still have these credits open. Then I called Metrostyle 6 times today on 9/15/2013 and all I got was the run around from Nisha and Shaney. I can't remember the other names. I spoke to one gentleman that was really rude. I spoke to a lady before him and the lady explained to me that Metrostyle cancelled my order because the merchandise that they received from t he Warehouse was not good quality and they had to cancel orders. So I asked her to repeat that again to make sure that is what I heard and she did. Then she put me on hold and hung up and never called back. I then spoke to Shaney and she stated that she is a Manager and she put me on hold to look at the account and Hung up and never called back and that is not a Manager. If you are helping someone and the phone hangs up it is your place to give that customer a call back. She has not been much help to me. I spoke to her quiet a few times this year and she has not been able to help for a Manager. She needs more TRAINING AND I MEAN IT.
    I then called and spoke to Ryan and he tried to help but they are all INCOMPUTENT. I am very sorry to be so hard but they have been putting me through HELL. I placed an order for a Sweater and they gave me all these dates for the Sweater to come in, 9, 10, 13, 16, 23 and 30 of August. I called back on all dates and they just keep changing. Then I call again and I was give more dates, 13, 16, 19 and 21st of September. I was give all these dates in one day.
    I was with them when they were first Lerner and then now Metrostlye. They have change quite a bit and is getting worse and worse every year. You already have to wait almost an hour sometimes to get to place an order and then you have to put up with this going back and forth. Then I spoke to a Superviser by the name of Veronica and she did her best and I think she really helped. She told me my credit that I have with Metrostyle is $86 and change. I had a order on back order and she cancelled my order and re-ordered it so that I can use the credit that I had with Metrostyle and it seems so easy to do and the other Managers that I spoke to made it seams so hard. Please Veronica was the best and she didn't put me on hold she stayed on the line and talk to me while she was doing what she was doing so that I know what she was doing.

    Ethel Neale

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