Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. / Ripoff and poor service

Bensalem, PA, United States
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I decided to use this company as they had told me that they will help me through. However, that is not what is going on right now. They let you sign the agreement with 35% for them to charge you on every check you get in top of that you pay extra at the end when i received our first check they send it for me to sign and my bank but belong with the check there are few papers that you have to sign 1st you have to pay thei attorney amount of 350, processing for amount of 600 and the check process for amount of 200. You would of think everything should be included from the 35% that taking out from you. So, we got $30k but total we will get was only $18k. I was even told by name if amy when i asked her that get all the cheap #### like laminate in my house. We just our furnace and insulation done we ended up putting out pocket for the amount of $1k additional ti finished up the job. Now our floor and kitchen needs to be done as well and i will be expecting just $6k well this check that i am receiving from insurance is totaled of $11k but of course they have to take their share their saying lol. However, if you are planning on filling claim i will tell you now that you can fule a claim within 1 yr of the damage i believe, the $1k deductible that insurance from you is not coming out you pocket they will take that out of your claim that your fillin. It is the best for you to do it yourself believe it or now because at least you will get your money and you have the rights on fighting it back if you think it is not enough. I full regret it hiring these people!!! J always that karma is a ##### and how can these people sleep at night knowing they are fooling their clients. Also, they can feed their family from dirty job.

Dec 31, 2016

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