Metro Public Adjustment, Inc.Initial employment question

I responded to an ad in Craigslist for a part time job. I received an email from a guy who signed his email, 'preachers son'. I reviewed his companies web site and real the abundance of complaints on this and many other sites. Then within 15 minutes I received a call, which I didn't answer at dinner time (6:15 PM) on Saturday night. I didn't answer and then googled the number. It was listed to Dave something and the listing said claims adjusting, just like Metro.
I texted the number back and requested he not call me at dinner time on Saturday night. I also emailed the other guy back and asked him why he gave my number out for somebody to call me at dinner time.
I then received profanity laced emails from him and texts from Dave calling me loser and hasicidic Jew (I'm Irish catholic, so I can't imagine what that was about). It was just unbelievable.
I told both of these characters to stop contacting me and that I will be reporting them to their company Monday morning.
These people are modern day snake oil salesmen. Nothing more than lying con artists offering a questionable product to unsuspecting home owners who are desperate.
Anyone who takes a job with these people will be very, very sorry. They are truly the #### of the earth!

Jan 28, 2017

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