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I bought several items with a check of $120 at Appleton West. Got home found I bought 2 wrong items. Returned the next day and they gave me an in store credit, sent me through check out to repurchase. 2 weeks later, wife returned with $11 of extra unused still packaged project parts while she was in town. They gave her an in store credit claiming she bought items with a gift card even after I told her to expect cash and after an argument with supervisor. I went back, calmly explained all this and received cash and a "I don't know why they did that". We live 30 miles from this store in Ogdensburg, closest store. The person at the store gave me a customer survey slip to send to corporate. I sent it and Arlene sent a letter back stating there store policy is clearly printed on every receipt. What that had to do with my inconvenience is beyond me. The cash I got only paid for gas to go back. What they did was way out of line. I have several other complaints over 20 years of problems I will post here about Menards. Stay tuned...

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  • Sa
      Aug 31, 2008 - Had to call 5 times once got hung up on
    United States

    I got home didn't have black flag spray i bought i called to tell them cause i couldn't come back in tonight or tomorrow cause i work by time i get off they will be closed it being labor day i called the girl asked me if the door nobs i bought were they in a box or plastic container {i gave her the numbers of bottom of recet} asked what color the bag of potting soil i bought! I asked talked to manager i got hung upon. I called back after the 5th time was talking to the manager while he was talking to some one else i asked him if he was listening he said yes then asked me what was i saying!! Didn't get the spray just rude people.

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  • Me
      Oct 03, 2008

    You received an in store credit because like all retailers in the United States, checks takes 14 days to clear. If you had waited 14 days you would receive cash. This policy has been the industry standard for 25 years.
    On the second return I assume you did not have a receipt or the return was still within 14 days of the check being written. Among the competitors Menards has the MOST lenient return policy and continues to be the industry standard for guest service.
    All return policies are clearly posted above the returns counter and on the back of all receipts.

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