Menardsreturn store 3057

I bought 4 bails of blown in insulation and rented a machine drove 45 min back home hooked up machine there were no clamps to hold the hose on I got 1/4 of a bail in and the hose blew off filling my room with insulation I took the machine back they refunded the machine back on my card in which i'm still waiting for it to show up on my bank acct. and was told that because I wrote a check I had to wait 6 days it has ben 6 days now they tell me it is 7 days i just spent 4000 dollars there on appliances and if i have this much trouble getting MY MONEY BACK how much will i have getting them fixed i will definitely be shopping at lowes from now on and am debating weather to return fridge and stove and going to lowes for them as well

Jan 13, 2017

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