Menards / defective dakota madison 6-drawer dresser 4822776 - hmwd 16038

I picked up a dresser and mirror at the Homewood Menards on Friday, November 17, 2017 - 12:50PM. While items were being loaded at the store by Kurt, I noticed defects on two of the drawers. Those were changed out with drawers from another unit, however upon unwrapping the top of the desk in my home, another defect was discovered. I called the store to request a replacement be delivered to my home free of charge. This request was denied during my conversation with Steve. Instead, he offered me two options. Option 1. Go to Matteson and pick up another one (Homewood no longer had the dresser in stock; the one that was used for the replacement drawers had already been discarded) Option 2. Someone from Homewood would pick one up from another store, bring it to Homewood and I could pick up from there. Neither was a viable option since I had already paid someone to unload the dresser and affix the mirror in my home Incurring repeat, and now additional costs to replace defective merchandise didn't seem appropriate under the circumstances. My request was escalated to Richard, the District Manager who reiterated the same refusal and policy jargon. While I'm sure it wasn't his intention, some of his responses made me feel that my request was trivial and without merit. Although I'm discouraged and frustrated with Menard's escalation process, I'm forwarding my complaint on for further consideration. As a long-standing customer, I hope that my loyalty and outstanding history with you is valued and taken into consideration as you review my request.

Nov 17, 2017

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