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Menards / bad service

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We bought materials for a pole shed last year. The materials were delivered late and arrived just two days prior to a snowfall that didn't melt until April (those of you in Wisconsin know what I'm talking about). Due to the early snowfall, not only were we not able to put the shed up, we weren't able to sort through the stacks to see what had or had not been delivered. By the way, I didn't think I HAD to inventory them. We just finished building our house. Those materials were purchased from a reputable building supplier. I never had a reason to inventory anything they delivered. They simply delivered what I paid for. Menards, to the contrary, does not necessarily deliver what you paid for. This was demonstrated, first, by the failure to deliver a door. When we discovered the door was missing, we argued for a time with the store but the door eventually was delivered (I realize now just how lucky I was). Today, however, when we realized an entire shipment (3 packages in total) of screws was missing, the store told us, "tough luck." Too much time has passed. If it had been within a couple of weeks of delivery, MAYBE we could have done something. Okay -- so that means that we DO have to inventory everything (I'm talking hundreds of items in an order for a pole shed) within a couple of weeks of delivery or you're out of luck. I have to say that even if we were able to start building last year, we still wouldn't have known the roofing screws were missing within two weeks unless we had done a complete inventory upon delivery. So now I have to shell out more money to pay for screws I already paid for. Way to go, Menards. I can tell you I will NEVER order anything from you again. I would rather pay a premium to get it through Lowe's or a building supplier.

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  • I0
      18th of Aug, 2009
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    I'm sorry, but I would've told you the same exact thing. If it's been more than a few weeks, that's not really the company's problem, it's yours. If you're irresponsible enough to not inventory things, you put too much trust into companies.

  • Wi
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    I was in need of a lawn sweeper, this morning I visited the Menards store in Kokomo Indiana. they had on hand abou 5 lawn sweepers that would have worked, I had seen an add in the locals paper advertizing a 42 inches lawn sweeper at rural king for $199.00 the one in your store was the same make and same type made by agri-fab, Yours was selling for $269, 00. I was under the thought that you people matched and reduced the price by 10% as in the past. but the clerk manager said the models or the one sold by Rural king was not the same as the one sold by your store. They were exactly the same sweeper. a 42" tow lawn sweeper. I am disappointed in the service I received. I have spent many dollars at your stores and thinking maybe you would rather I go on down the street to lowes to give them mmy business.
    Yours truly
    William P. Wolfe
    2838 W 300 S
    Peru, Indiana 46970

  • Al
      7th of Sep, 2017
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    @William P. Wolfe Menards get around this by buying in bulk then they have some small change from all other models then they can say its a different model, which it is. Example a Black and Decker drill at menards may have a 8 foot cord but the rest is the same as everyone else's but they have a different model number for that reason.

  • Bl
      21st of Nov, 2009
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    all you people who ### and complain about menards and their service need to put a plug in it...its always the same with you come into our store and tell us what to do...what to get you...and ### at those of us who cant really help you...get it through your head that not everyone in the store can help you with ###...if you dont like whats going on in the store, then be my guest and go pay a ### ton of more money to buy ### you need for a day...and another thing, dont buy ### for a shed in the middle of ###ing winter and not inventory...its not our fault ### didnt get blame the first employees in menards you see and its the people at the service desk...WE dont make the rules, we just do what were told...when you ### people come into our store and complain about some screws or 50 cents, we make fun of you when your out the doors...if your gunna come to menards and be an ### hole to us, let us know where you work and we'll come to you and complain about all the same ### you do to us.

  • We
      25th of Oct, 2010
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    i bought a 26" yard wise lawn sweeper at menards and i cant complain, for one it was cheaper and 2 it was the only to buy it without ordering it online, i will always go menards for everything i need for my new house!

  • Ma
      3rd of Nov, 2010
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    menards sells bad [censor] blah blah blah seconds factory rejects like you blah [censor]ing blah blah i work hard for my [censor]ing money i dont want to throw it at you [censor]ing shoopkeeping [censor]s that dont know jack [censor]ing [censor] about anything but your [censor]ing [censor] youere holding on to when your [censor]ing supposed to be [censor]ing working [censor] you blah blah blah

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