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Menards / employment

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UNETHICAL, GREEDY BEHAVIOR BY MANAGEMENT TEAM! Menards can be a good company to work for, good pay, fair benefits, but they also still offer a year end bonus. Stores get a bonus based on the sales for that store. This bonus is divided between the employees based on ranking (manager, assistant, team member) and length of time employeed. They need to still be employeed by December 15. If anyone is qualified for that bonus and leaves or is let go prior to that date, the store gets the same bonus amount, but it's distributed to the empolyees still there. Some managers will find any reason they can to let someone go right before this time so the "bonus pot" will be larger for their own benefit. Basically they just cheat some poor employee out of something they worked all year to receive. Someone I know (I will remain nameless) put in their two weeks notice because they were moving away to go to school. They were let go only a few days before the "Bonus Deadline". The initial reason was because they were 2 minutes late for work that day, they called in and explained they were running late because of the weather and it was approved. Then they changed the reason and said it was because of availability when they had the same availabilty approved for several months and it was never an issue... (nor were they even asked if they could put in more hours). This manager knew the employee was moving away to continue their education and was let go right before the bonus cut off time. What does this say to young people, starting out into the working world. How cruel is it to cheat soomeone out of a bonus, someone that is going away to school, on their own. Did this manager ever go to college? Forget what it's like to be in college, working, paying for their own rent, utilities just living pay check to pay check. That measly $500 bonues distributed amongst several employees is nothing compared to how far it would go for someone going out on their own for the first time.

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  • Ug
      11th of Feb, 2011
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    Unfortunately you're wrong about how their bonuses are processed. I used to work there and am extremely familiar. Profit Sharing is not based on any sort of "pot" so firing someone before Dec 15th would not enlarge the other manager's bonus. Profit Sharing is based off of a certain percentage (based on how many years you've worked there) multiplied by the amount of money you made that year.

    Managers recieve year end bonuses based on their pre-set percentage at the beginning of that fiscal year multiplied by net profit dollars if they hit a certain amount of profit.

    While I do agree, they seem to screw people over right before the bonus deadlines, their own bonuses do not increase because someone else's bonus is taken away :)

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